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Children of Light

By: by C B Anslie, Ms; Fenner, Barb, Illustrator

Illustrations by Barb Fenner. A priest with a dark past wrestles personal demons. The priest is called upon to prevent a divorce and comfort grieving widows as he attempts to unravel the mystery of Masada with its deep connections to a unique vision heritage. The priest must confront the truth about his own connections to an ancient race when the responsibility falls to him to take up the torch as the next keeper of the Light.

"I have the ability to see things. I have visions. Mostly, my visions are about things that happened in the past. The women in my father's family have a long history of this ability, which they call the 'sight'. And recently, I have started having these visions. My father's family views these abilities as a gift, something that I should try to explore and use to do some good. My mother calls it all hocus-pocus; she thinks it is evil. She doesn't want me to use it. ...

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