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Ikigai : Living a purposeful life: Living a purposeful life

By: Maher Asaad Baker

The meaning of purpose itself may vary from one person to another, even for two people of the same age, the same background, the same occupation, living in the same house, eating the same food, having the same family environment, the same living level, someone will say that he lives and do what he does for money because having money in his pocket allows him to be physically and mentally free, to live a relaxed life without rushing, someone will say for joy, he loves what...

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How I wrote a million Wikipedia articles

By: Maher Asaad Baker

Although in this book I will tell you how I collected and managed the data, the way I prepared the articles, and the way I automated the process to finally achieved adding 1 million Wikipedia articles, it won't be a step by step tutorial book, this book is a more biographical story about a period of my life, it's not even the full story, you'll see how through the struggles and pain that I lived and still living, I made something that I'm so proud of, something that mayb...

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