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Dhani Irwanto
is a hydro civil engineer and better known as a planner and an expert in hydrology, hydraulic structures, dams and hydropower, the profession involving inter-disciplinary that has lived for more than three decades. Apart from his professional life, he is also a researcher of the history of nations and civilizations, encouraged by the environment, social life, culture and traditions in the region where he grew up. His strong present in the internet has made him well known for his ideas on pre-history and ancient civilizations.

Dhani Irwanto is the author of the books Atlantis: The Lost City is in Java Sea (2015) and Atlantis: Kota yang Hilang Ada di Laut Jawa (2016).

Dhani Irwanto was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1962. He is currently an owner and director of a consulting firm located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

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Taprobana: Classical Knowledge of an Island in the Opposite-Earth

By: Dhani Irwanto

Taprobana is the historical name for an island of the Antichthones (“opposite-world”), in the Eastern Sea, described by some Roman classic writers. Claudius Ptolemy described Taprobana in his Geographia, written about 150 CE, a relatively large island south of continental Asia and straddling the equator. Ptolemy also supplies a mass of information, including its coasts, the names of the headlands, rivers and seaport towns, the names of many cities and tribes in the inter...

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Land of Punt: In Search of the Divine Land of the Egyptians

By: Dhani Irwanto

The Land of Punt was an ancient trading partner of Egypt. It was known for producing and exporting gold, incense, aromatic resins, ebony, ivory, tortoise shells and wild animals. The region is known from ancient Egyptian records of trade expeditions to it. The ancient Egyptians called the Land of Punt the Divine Land or the Land of Gods. When interpreted as “holy land” or “land of the ancestors”, meant that the ancient Egyptians viewed the Land of Punt as their ancest...

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Sundaland : Tracing The Cradle of Civilizations

By: Dhani Irwanto

The author of this book presents abundance of indications from archaeological data, genetic studies, legends, myths and tales that Sundaland, a bio-geographical region of Southeastern Asia that was exposed during the Last Glacial period, is the cradle of human civilizations.

Sundaland is a bio-geographical region of Southeastern Asia which encompasses the Sunda Shelf, the part of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the Last Ice Age. It included the Malay Peninsula on the Asian mainland, as well as the large islands of Kalimantan, Java and Sumatera, and their surrounding islands. Sundaland is in the tropics, surrounded by oceans, and within the Ring of Fire. Benefitting from the heavy precipitation, volcanic deposits in Sun...

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