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Travel as a category includes the works related to the movement of people or objects (such as airplanes, boats, trains and other conveyances) between relatively distant geographical locations, often to desireable destinations for recreational activites.

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Ades Web Magazine: Cambodia

By: Manuel Balossi

You need two days to visit the entire complex thoroughly. So start with the Petit Circuit and then proceed to the Grand Circuit and you will admire, in no hurry, this incredible place. You can rent a car (with driver: never drive by yourself in South-eastern Asia), a small bike, a bicycle or a tuk-tuk: prices change every year so it’s useless to list them. In sunny days it’s very hot: street vendors are everywhere and finding a bottle of water is never a problem.

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City of Dreams- an Extraordinary Journey, Inside the Heart of Indo...

By: Mark W. Medley

The city of Jakarta is described as the "City of Dreams," by visitors usually overwhelmed by its sheer size, and the unique lifestyles of the people who live there. Discover a collection of true to life stories from the "City of Dreams," that can amaze, amuse, or simply confuse you. Find out what really can happen when East meets West in a downtown club, and explore the crumbling old city that was once- Batavia. Meet Chicken Harry an expatriate in love with the c...

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