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My Russian Side

By: by Alex Gilbert

Alex was followed on a New Zealand TV Documentary in 2013 while he was doing the search on his Birth Parents. He was adopted out of Russia at 2 years old and brought to NZ. Without any knowledge on who his Birth Parents are Alex decides to do a search on them 20 years later. He manages to find them using social media with the only information on them were their names on paper. He travels to Russia late 2013 to meet them for the first time in his entire life.

Hello! Let me start this book by introducing myself. My name is Alex Gilbert and I was born in a small town in Russia, called Arkhangelsk, on the 1st of April 1992. I was adopted from a small orphanage in my birth town and brought to NZ in 1994 when I was 2 years old. I was raised in Whangarei by my wonderful parents Mark and Janice Gilbert. I have a brother called Andrei who was also born in Russia in the same orphanage and adopted with me. Growing up in Whangarei, for ...

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