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List of The Avengers episodes

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Title: List of The Avengers episodes  
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Subject: The Avengers (TV series), Cathy Gale, A Touch of Brimstone, Nightmare (disambiguation), Emma Peel
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List of The Avengers episodes

This is an episode list for the 1960s British television series The Avengers. The series was aired in Britain on ITV between 1961 and 1969. For the sequel, see The New Avengers.

The first four series were in black-and-white; the first three were shot on videotape with occasional filmed inserts. Beginning with series 4 the series moved to all-film production shot using the single-camera setup style. From series 5 onwards the episodes were in colour.

As of May 2008, all 139 surviving episodes of the series (including the two complete and one partial episode from the first series) have been released on DVD in North America (Region 1).


  • Series overview 1
  • Series 1 (1961) 2
  • Series 2 (1962–1963) 3
  • Series 3 (1963–1964) 4
  • Series 4 (1965–1966) 5
  • Series 5 (1967) 6
  • Series 6 (1968–1969) 7
  • See also 8
  • References 9

Series overview

Series Episodes UK Premiere UK Finale
1 26 7 January 1961 30 December 1961
2 26 29 September 1962 23 March 1963
3 26 28 September 1963 21 March 1964
4 26 2 October 1965 26 March 1966
5 24 14 January 1967 18 November 1967
6 33 25 September 1968 21 May 1969

Series 1 (1961)

Note: As of 2011, the only episodes known to still exist in their entirety from the debut series are Girl on the Trapeze (which does not feature John Steed) and The Frighteners. The first 15 minutes of the premiere episode, Hot Snow, have also been rediscovered.[1]

Cast: Unless noted in the table below, all episodes in the first series feature Ian Hendry (as Dr. David Keel) and Patrick Macnee (as John Steed).

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast Episode status
1-01 7 January 1961 Hot Snow Catherine Woodville, Philip Stone, Robert James, Godfrey Quigley, Moira Redmond, Murray Melvin, Charles Wade Only Act 1 (20 minutes) Intact
1-02 14 January 1961 Brought to Book Michael Collins, Clifford Elkin Missing
1-03 21 January 1961 Square Root of Evil Heron Carvic, John Woodvine Broadcast live, missing
1-04 28 January 1961 Nightmare Helen Lindsay Broadcast live, missing
1-05 4 February 1961 Crescent Moon Roger Delgado, Patience Collier, Eric Thompson Broadcast live, missing
1-06 11 February 1961 Girl on the Trapeze (Keel only) Kenneth J. Warren, David Grey, Edwin Richfield, Ivor Salter Fully Intact (as a 16 mm film telerecording, this episode was originally broadcast live)
1-07 18 February 1961 Diamond Cut Diamond Sandra Dorne Broadcast live, missing
1-08 24 February 1961 The Radioactive Man Gerald Sim, Christine Pollon, John Gayford, Paul Grist Broadcast live, missing
1-09 4 March 1961 Ashes of Roses Mark Eden, Edward Dentith, Gordon Rollings Broadcast live, missing
1–10 18 March 1961 Hunt the Man Down Melissa Stribling, Maurice Good Missing
1–11 1 April 1961 Please Don't Feed the Animals Tenniel Evans Missing
1–12 15 April 1961 Dance with Death Caroline Blakiston, Angela Douglas, Geoffrey Palmer, Neil Wilson Missing
1–13 29 April 1961 One for the Mortuary Frank Gatliff, Dennis Edwards, Peter Madden, Steven Scott Missing
1–14 13 May 1961 The Springers Brian Murphy, Donald Morley, David Webb Missing
1–15 27 May 1961 The Frighteners Willoughby Goddard, Stratford Johns, Doris Hare, Neil Wilson, Philip Locke, Godfrey James, Eric Elliott Fully Intact
1–16 10 June 1961 The Yellow Needle Margaret Whiting, Wolfe Morris, Eric Dodson, Michael Barrington Missing
1–17 24 June 1961 Death on the Slipway Nyree Dawn Porter, Peter Arne, Frank Thornton, Hamilton Dyce, Gary Watson, Tom Adams Missing
1–18 8 July 1961 Double Danger Kevin Brennan, Charles Hodgson, Ron Pember Missing
1–19 22 July 1961 Toy Trap Tony Van Bridge, Brian Jackson, Brandon Brady, Anne Tirard, Mitzi Rogers Missing
1–20 5 August 1961 The Tunnel of Fear Murray Hayne, Morris Perry Missing
1–21 19 August 1961 The Far Distant Dead (Keel only) Katharine Blake, Tom Adams, Reed De Rouen, Francis de Wolff Missing
1–22 2 September 1961 Kill the King Burt Kwouk, Peter Barkworth, Moira Redmond, Patrick Allen, Andy Ho Missing
1–23 9 December 1961 Dead of Winter John Woodvine, Neil Hallett Missing
1–24 16 December 1961 The Deadly Air John Stratton, Allan Cuthbertson, Ann Bell, Geoffrey Bayldon, Michael Hawkins, Keith Anderson Missing
1–25 23 December 1961 A Change of Bait John Bailey, Tim Barrett, Henry Lincoln, Graham Rigby Missing
1–26 30 December 1961 Dragonsfield (Steed only) Sylva Langova, Alfred Burke, Barbara Shelley, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Michael Robbins, Eric Dodson, Keith Barron, Morris Perry, Steven Scott Missing

Note: Following series 1 a lengthy Equity actor's strike prevented development of the second series, and Ian Hendry decided to depart the show. When the show eventually returned the premise had been considerably retooled, with Macnee moved to the lead role, accompanied by an attractive and highly capable female sidekick, and a much more whimsical tone.

Series 2 (1962–1963)

Cast: Series 2 featured Patrick Macnee as John Steed in all 26 episodes. Either Jon Rollason (as Dr. Martin King) or Julie Stevens (as Venus Smith) accompanied him as noted in the table; all other episodes feature Honor Blackman (as Dr. Cathy Gale).

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
2-01 29 September 1962 Mr. Teddy Bear Bernard Goldman, Michael Robbins, John Ruddock, Michael Collins
2-02 6 October 1962 Propellant 23 -Fear over the Mediterranean Catherine Woodville, Justine Lord, Nicholas Courtney, John Dearth, John Gill, Geoffrey Palmer, Graham Ashley, Barry Wilsher
2-03 13 October 1962 The Decapod (with Venus Smith) Philip Madoc, Paul Stassino, Wolfe Morris, Raymond Adamson, Valentino Musetti
2-04 20 October 1962 Bullseye Ronald Radd, Judy Parfitt, Robin Wentworth, Bernard Kay, Fred Ferris, Mitzi Rogers
2-05 27 October 1962 Mission to Montreal (with Dr. Martin King) Patricia English, Mark Eden, Alan Curtis, John Bennett, Malcolm Taylor, Terence Woodfield, Leslie Pitt, Pamela Ann Davy
2-06 3 November 1962 The Removal Men (with Venus Smith) George Little
2-07 10 November 1962 The Mauritius Penny Alfred Burke, David Langton, Sylva Langova, Richard Vernon, Anthony Rogers
2-08 17 November 1962 Death of a Great Dane Frederick Jaeger, John Laurie, Leslie French, Eric Elliott, Dennis Edwards, Anthony Baird, Roger Maxwell
2-09 24 November 1962 The Sell Out (with Dr. Martin King) Frank Gatliff, Carleton Hobbs
2–10 1 December 1962 Death on the Rocks Naomi Chance, Hamilton Dyce, Gerald Cross
2–11 8 December 1962 Traitor in Zebra William Gaunt, Richard Leech, John Sharp, June Murphy
2–12 15 December 1962 The Big Thinker Tenniel Evans, David Garth, Antony Booth, Penelope Lee, Marina Martin
2–13 22 December 1962 Death Dispatch Gerald Harper, Alan Mason
2–14 29 December 1962 Dead on Course (with Dr. Martin King) Donal Donnelly, Janet Hargreaves, Bruce Boa, Edward Kelsey, Dennis Cleary
2–15 5 January 1963 Intercrime Julia Arnall, Kenneth J. Warren, Angela Browne, Jerome Willis, Patrick Holt, Alan Browning
2–16 12 January 1963 Immortal Clay Paul Eddington, James Bree, Gary Watson, Steve Plytas
2–17 19 January 1963 Box of Tricks (with Venus Smith) Edgar Wreford, Dallas Cavell, Royston Tickner
2–18 26 January 1963 Warlock Peter Arne, John Hollis, Brian Vaughan
2–19 2 February 1963 The Golden Eggs Peter Arne, Pauline Delaney, Donald Eccles
2–20 9 February 1963 School for Traitors (with Venus Smith) Anthony Nicholls, Melissa Stribling, Reginald Marsh, Terence Woodfield
2–21 16 February 1963 The White Dwarf George Roubicek
2–22 23 February 1963 Man in the Mirror (with Venus Smith) Ray Barrett, Michael Gover, Hayden Jones, Rhoda Lewis, David Graham
2–23 2 March 1963 Conspiracy of Silence Robert Rietti, Sandra Dorne, Roy Purcell, Willie Shearer
2–24 9 March 1963 A Chorus of Frogs (with Venus Smith) John Carson, Eric Pohlmann, Yvonne Shima, Alan Haywood, Frank Gatliff, Michael Gover
2–25 16 March 1963 Six Hands Across a Table Guy Doleman, Campbell Singer, Philip Madoc, Edward de Souza, John Wentworth, Ilona Rodgers, Ian Cunningham
2–26 23 March 1963 Killer Whale Patrick Magee, Morris Perry, John Bailey, Ken Farrington, John Tate, Christopher Coll

NOTE: The episode Death of a Great Dane was later re-made during series 5 as "The £50,000 Breakfast".

Series 3 (1963–1964)


Series 3 stars Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Honor Blackman as Dr. Cathy Gale. It was the last series to be shot "as-live" on videotape.

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
3-01 28 September 1963 Brief for Murder John Laurie, Michael Goldie, Alec Ross, Fred Ferris
3-02 5 October 1963 The Undertakers Lee Patterson, Jan Holden, Patrick Holt
3-03 12 October 1963 Man with Two Shadows Philip Anthony, Robert Lankesheer
3-04 19 October 1963 The Nutshell Charles Tingwell, John Cater, Patricia Haines, Edina Ronay
3-05 26 October 1963 Death of a Batman André Morell, Philip Madoc
3-06 2 November 1963 November Five David Davies, David Langton, Aimée Delamain
3-07 9 November 1963 The Gilded Cage Patrick Magee, Edric Connor, Norman Chappell, Alan Haywood, Martin Friend, Neil Wilson
3-08 16 November 1963 Second Sight John Carson, Peter Bowles, Ronald Adam, Steven Scott
3-09 23 November 1963 The Medicine Men Peter Barkworth, Harold Innocent
3–10 30 November 1963 The Grandeur That Was Rome Hugh Burden, John Flint
3–11 7 December 1963 The Golden Fleece Warren Mitchell, Tenniel Evans, Michael Hawkins, Robert Lee, Barbara Yu Ling
3–12 14 December 1963 Don't Look Behind You Maurice Good, Kenneth Colley, Janine Gray
3–13 21 December 1963 Death a la Carte Robert James, Gordon Rollings, David Nettheim, Valentino Musetti, Henry Lincoln
3–14 28 December 1963 Dressed to Kill Leonard Rossiter, Richard Leech, John Junkin, Anneke Wills, Alexander Davion, Leon Eagles
3–15 4 January 1964 The White Elephant Godfrey Quigley, Edwin Richfield, Judy Parfitt, Martin Friend
3–16 11 January 1964 The Little Wonders Kenneth J. Warren, David Bauer, Lois Maxwell, Harry Landis, Tony Steedman, Christopher Robbie, Mark Heath
3–17 18 January 1964 The Wringer Peter Sallis, Terence Lodge, Gerald Sim, Barry Letts, Paul Whitsun-Jones
3–18 25 January 1964 Mandrake John Le Mesurier, Annette Andre, Philip Locke
3–19 1 February 1964 The Secrets Broker Patricia English, John Ringham, Jack May, Ronald Allen, Valentino Musetti
3–20 8 February 1964 Trojan Horse Basil Dignam, T. P. McKenna, Derek Newark
3–21 15 February 1964 Build a Better Mousetrap Athene Seyler, Nora Nicholson, John Tate
3–22 22 February 1964 The Outside-In Man Ronald Radd, James Maxwell, Philip Anthony, Ronald Mansell, Valentino Musetti, Eddie Powell
3–23 29 February 1964 The Charmers Fenella Fielding, Warren Mitchell, Vivian Pickles, Frank Mills, John Greenwood, Peter Porteous
3–24 7 March 1964 Concerto Nigel Stock, Sandor Elès, Geoffrey Colville
3–25 14 March 1964 Esprit de Corps Duncan Macrae, Roy Kinnear, John Thaw, Hugh Morton, Tony Lambden
3–26 21 March 1964 Lobster Quadrille Burt Kwouk, Leslie Sands, Gary Watson, Jennie Linden, Valentino Musetti

NOTE: The episode "Don't Look Behind You" was later re-made for series 5 as "The Joker," "The Charmers" was re-made, again for series 5, as "The Correct Way to Kill," and "Dressed to Kill" was in large part re-made, once again for series 5, as "The Superlative Seven". At the end of the third series Honor Blackman left the series to star in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger".

Series 4 (1965–1966)


Series 4 starred Patrick Macnee (as John Steed) and Diana Rigg (as Mrs. Emma Peel). It was the last series to be made in Black & White, but also the first series to be shot on film as opposed to videotape.

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Plot summary Guest cast
4-01 2 October 1965 The Town of No Return Steed and Emma visit Little Bazeley by the Sea while on the trail of several murdered agents – and discover more than they bargained for. Alan MacNaughtan, Terence Alexander, Patrick Newell, Robert Brown, Walter Horsbrugh, Jeremy Burnham, Juliet Harmer
4-02 9 October 1965 The Grave-Diggers A hospital for railwaymen is exposed as a front for a plot to destroy Britain’s early warning systems. Ronald Fraser, Paul Massie, Caroline Blakiston, Charles Lamb, Wanda Ventham, Ray Austin, Steven Berkoff, Bryan Mosley, Lloyd Lamble
4-03 16 October 1965 The Cybernauts Industrialists are being killed off with inhuman efficiency by an assassin who is just that – inhuman! Michael Gough, Frederick Jaeger, Bernard Horsfall, Burt Kwouk, John Hollis, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Gordon Whiting
4-04 23 October 1965 Death at Bargain Prices The murder of an agent carrying a receipt from a department store leads through incompetent sales staff to a nuclear terrorism plot. John Cater, Peter Howell
4-05 30 October 1965 Castle De'ath A Scottish castle is the scene for a family feud – and a plot to engineer a fishing crisis. Gordon Jackson, Robert Urquhart, James Copeland, Jack Lambert, Russell Waters
4-06 6 November 1965 The Master Minds After an apparently respectable politician is caught trying to steal top-secret documents, Steed and Emma discover a plot by renegade intellectuals to steal a nuclear missile. Patricia Haines, Laurence Hardy, Bernard Archard
4-07 13 November 1965 The Murder Market Steed and Emma pose as eligible singles in order to infiltrate an assassination service posing as a matchmaking agency. Patrick Cargill, John Woodvine, Edward Underdown, Penelope Keith (uncredited)
4-08 20 November 1965 A Surfeit of H2O After two men are drowned by sudden freak rainstorms, Steed’s attention is drawn to a winery under a suspiciously cloudy sky. Noel Purcell, Sue Lloyd, Talfryn Thomas, Albert Lieven, Geoffrey Palmer, John Bennett
4-09 27 November 1965 The Hour That Never Was After crashing their car, Steed and Emma visit an airfield and find a baffling mystery of stopped clocks, dead milkmen and a naughty dentist. Roy Kinnear, Gerald Harper, Dudley Foster, John Bennett
4–10 4 December 1965 Dial a Deadly Number The duo combat malfeasance in the London financial world after paged businessmen start dropping dead from heart attacks. Clifford Evans, Jan Holden, Anthony Newlands, John Carson, Peter Bowles, Gerald Sim, Michael Trubshawe, Norman Chappell, John Bailey, Edward Cast
4–11 11 December 1965 Man-Eater of Surrey Green Steed and Emma encounter their most bizarre enemy yet – a carnivorous alien plant with plans for world domination. Athene Seyler, Derek Farr, Joby Blanshard
4–12 18 December 1965 Two's A Crowd Steed “creates" a double of himself to outwit an enemy master spy who loves deadly toys. Warren Mitchell, Julian Glover, Wolfe Morris
4–13 25 December 1965 Too Many Christmas Trees A villainous mastermind steal secrets telepathically from agent's brains, killing the subjects in the process - and Steed is next on the list. Edwin Richfield, Jeanette Sterke, Robert James, Alex Scott
4–14 1 January 1966 Silent Dust Rural villains hold the British government to ransom with a devastating new biological weapon; our heroes join the hunt. William Franklyn, Isobel Black, Norman Bird, Charles Lloyd-Pack, Aubrey Morris, Jack Watson
4–15 8 January 1966 Room Without a View Steed adopts a disguise in order to investigate a shady hotel tycoon. Paul Whitsun-Jones, Peter Jeffrey, Richard Bebb, Philip Latham, Peter Arne, Vernon Dobtcheff, Peter Madden
4–16 15 January 1966 Small Game for Big Hunters English tropical jungle harbours pompous professor, mad colonel, war-painted spy, and bioweapon against an African nation. Bill Fraser, James Villiers, Peter Burton, Peter Thomas, Paul Danquah
4–17 22 January 1966 The Girl from AUNTIE An Emma impersonator and a string of murders puts Steed onto the trail of a villainous art dealer. Liz Fraser, Alfred Burke, Bernard Cribbins, David Bauer, Sylvia Coleridge, Maurice Browning
4–18 29 January 1966 The Thirteenth Hole Death on a golf course brings Emma into a sand trap, Steed into a tournament, and light upon a spy ring Patrick Allen, Francis Matthews, Donald Hewlett, Victor Maddern, Richard Marner
4–19 5 February 1966 Quick-Quick Slow Death Spy death leads to investigation of a dance school, unattached bachelors, and a tattoo. Eunice Gayson, John Woodnutt, Maurice Kaufmann, Graham Armitage, Alan Gerrard, Michael Peake
4–20 12 February 1966 The Danger Makers Several military officers are engaging in reckless daredevil antics – all part of an unscrupulous psychiatrist’s plan to steal the Crown jewels. Nigel Davenport, Douglas Wilmer, Fabia Drake, Moray Watson, Adrian Ropes, Richard Coleman
4–21 19 February 1966 A Touch of Brimstone An eccentric band of libertines who commit deadly practical jokes is revealed to have much bigger plans in mind. Peter Wyngarde, Carol Cleveland, Colin Jeavons, Jeremy Young, Robert Cawdron, Steve Plytas, Alf Joint
4–22 26 February 1966 What the Butler Saw Steed enlists at a butler training school to find out who is selling military secrets to the enemy. Denis Quilley, John Le Mesurier, Thorley Walters
4–23 5 March 1966 The House That Jack Built Emma inherits an electronic key to the house of her late, unknown uncle – and finds herself trapped in a maze, target of a former employee’s mind-bending revenge. Michael Goodliffe, Griffith Davies, Michael Wynne, Keith Pyott
4–24 12 March 1966 A Sense of History Steed and Emma investigate an assassination plot among a university's boisterously merry men. Nigel Stock, Patrick Mower, Jacqueline Pearce, John Barron, John Ringham, John Glyn-Jones, Robin Phillips
4–25 19 March 1966 How to Succeed ... at Murder Efficient, militant, physically fit and bespangled secretaries are assassinating key businessmen – but who's behind the curtain? Sarah Lawson, Angela Browne, Jerome Willis, Christopher Benjamin, Kevin Brennan, David Garth
4–26 26 March 1966 Honey for the Prince Genie brings Steed and Emma to fantasy world of cricket, harem dance, and creative assassination. Reg Pritchard

Starting with this series, the production budget went up considerably, location shooting was used extensively. With an eye toward getting the series shown on US television the show was now filmed instead of taped, allowing multiple camera angles. This brought The Avengers in line with other contemporary ITV series such as Danger Man (airing in the US as Secret Agent) and The Saint.

Actress Elizabeth Shepherd was originally cast as Emma Peel; one complete episode, "The Town of No Return," was filmed. Partway through filming of the second episode, "The Murder Market," the producers closed down production in order to recast the part. The Shepherd footage has never been televised and is believed to be lost. Canal+ claimed they had the original footage, then later retracted this claim. Publicity photos of Shepherd as Mrs. Peel survive.

For American broadcast, all episodes of the 1965–1966 series included a specially-shot prologue preceding the main credits, showing Steed and Peel walking across a giant chessboard while a narrator introduces the characters and the concept of the series. This opening never aired in the UK and wasn't widely seen in the show's home country until the DVD release.

"The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse" was filmed in colour on the set of "Honey for the Prince" and was, as Brian Clemens originally wrote it, intended to be tagged on to the end of the final b/w episode transmitted in America to advertise the upcoming colour episodes (though the b/w sequence titled "Preamble for USA," written by Clemens to introduce the item, which was to have featured Rigg and Macnee explaining/introducing this short colour test film, is either lost or was never filmed). It was also cut down into a trailer for the colour episodes coming soon to ABC Network in America. Just like the prologue to the b/w Rigg episodes, it was never meant to be screened anywhere but the US. There is a myth that it was to have originally been a twenty-minute mini-episode, but the version presently available on video is three minutes long and doesn't appear to be missing any substantial narrative content.

Series 5 (1967)


This series featured Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. From this series on all episodes are in colour.

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
5-01 14 January 1967 From Venus with Love - Astronomers are being killed off Barbara Shelley, Philip Locke, Jon Pertwee, Arthur Cox, Derek Newark, Kenneth Benda, Michael Lynch
5-02 21 January 1967 The Fear Merchants - Ceramics executives go mad, thanks to modern science Annette Carell, Bernard Horsfall, Declan Mulholland, Edward Burnham
5-03 28 January 1967 Escape in Time - Organisation sends criminals back in time to avoid arrest Peter Bowles, Geoffrey Bayldon, Judy Parfitt, Imogen Hassall, Nicholas Smith, Clifford Earl, Edward Caddick
5-04 4 February 1967 The See-Through Man - Chemistry and garters Warren Mitchell, Roy Kinnear, Moira Lister, John Nettleton
5-05 11 February 1967 The Bird Who Knew Too Much - Chasing airborne spies, Emma in catsuit takes a dive Ron Moody, Ilona Rodgers, Kenneth Cope, Michael Coles, John Wood, Anthony Valentine, John Lee
5-06 18 February 1967 The Winged Avenger - Comic book character comes to life to commit murder Nigel Green, Colin Jeavons, Donald Pickering, Neil Hallett, John Crocker, Roy Patrick, John Garrie, William Fox
5-07 25 February 1967 The Living Dead Julian Glover, Pamela Ann Davy, Jack Woolgar, Jack Watson, Edward Underdown, John Cater, Vernon Dobtcheff
5-08 4 March 1967 The Hidden Tiger - Maulings lead to a brainwave Ronnie Barker, Gabrielle Drake, Jack Gwillim, Stanley Meadows, Frederick Treves, Reg Pritchard
5-09 11 March 1967 The Correct Way to Kill - Seeking murderous City gents, Steed gets a tall partner; Emma a short-lived one Anna Quayle, Michael Gough, Peter Barkworth, Terence Alexander, Philip Madoc, Graham Armitage, Timothy Bateson, John G. Heller
5–10 18 March 1967 Never, Never Say Die - The same man keeps killing Dr. Frank N. Stone (Christopher Lee) Christopher Lee, Patricia English, Christopher Benjamin, Peter Dennis, Alan Chuntz, Jeremy Young, Arnold Ridley
5–11 1 April 1967 Epic - Loony movie mogul desires Mrs Peel Peter Wyngarde, Isa Miranda, Kenneth J. Warren
5–12 8 April 1967 The Superlative Seven - Mysterious invitation makes Steed a Little Indian Charlotte Rampling, Brian Blessed, James Maxwell, Donald Sutherland, John Hollis
5–13 15 April 1967 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station - Bride and Groom keep taking the same train James Hayter, John Laurie, Drewe Henley, Isla Blair, Tim Barrett, Richard Caldicot, Michael Nightingale
5–14 22 April 1967 Something Nasty in the Nursery - Crown ministers suddenly revert to childhood Dudley Foster, Yootha Joyce, Paul Eddington, Clive Dunn, Patrick Newell, Trevor Bannister, Paul Hardwick, Dennis Chinnery
5–15 29 April 1967 The Joker - Mrs Peel is lured to a big lonely country house Peter Jeffrey, Ronald Lacey, Sally Nesbitt, John Stone
5–16 6 May 1967 Who's Who? - Assassins changing their minds bring double trouble Freddie Jones, Patricia Haines, Arnold Diamond, Campbell Singer, Malcolm Taylor
5–17 30 September 1967 Return of the Cybernauts - Scientists are kidnapped; Mrs Peel gets new wristwatch from manipulative admirer Peter Cushing, Frederick Jaeger, Charles Tingwell, Fulton Mackay, Roger Hammond, Noel Coleman
5–18 7 October 1967 Death's Door Clifford Evans, Allan Cuthbertson, William Lucas, Marne Maitland, Peter Thomas
5–19 14 October 1967 The £50,000 Breakfast - Switzerland-bound ventriloquist in a coma has a bellyful of diamonds Yolande Turner, David Langton, Christopher Greatorex, Nigel Lambert, Jon Laurimore, Anneke Wills, Cecil Parker
5–20 21 October 1967 Dead Man's Treasure - A missing briefcase sends Steed and Emma on a Treasure Hunt by car Valerie Van Ost, Edwin Richfield, Neil McCarthy, Arthur Lowe, Norman Bowler, Rio Fanning
5–21 28 October 1967 You Have Just Been Murdered - Millionaires are NOT being murdered and are forced to pay to keep it that way. Leslie Crawford, Simon Oates, Leslie French, John Baker, Geoffrey Chater, Clifford Cox
5–22 4 November 1967 The Positive-Negative Man - Scientists eliminated by highly-charged hitman Ray McAnally, Michael Latimer, Caroline Blakiston, Sandor Elès
5–23 11 November 1967 Murdersville - Childhood chum retires to a quiet friendly little English town Colin Blakely, John Ronane, Ronald Hines, John Sharp, Sheila Fearn, Eric Flynn, Norman Chappell, Robert Cawdron, Tony Caunter, Geoffrey Colville
5–24 18 November 1967 Mission: Highly Improbable - Ray machine makes big problems much smaller Ronald Radd, Jane Merrow, Francis Matthews, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Leech, Kevin Stoney

The Fear Merchants was the first episode of the Avengers to be produced/filmed in colour, although From Venus with Love aired first.

Series 6 (1968–1969)


All episodes featured Patrick Macnee (as John Steed) and Linda Thorson (as Tara King).

Episode No. Original air date (UK) Episode title Guest cast
6-01 25 September 1968 Diana Rigg bows out as Mrs. Emma Peel Jeremy Young, Alan Lake, John Lee, Douglas Sheldon
6-02 2 October 1968 Game - Roll of a die brings death to Army buddies Alex Scott
6-03 9 October 1968 Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Don't forget the glass cleaners John Carlisle, Simon Oates, Allan Cuthbertson, Ivor Dean, Angela Scoular, Nicholas Smith, Donald Gee, David Quilter, Clifford Earl, Alec Ross, Lionel Wheeler
6-04 16 October 1968 You'll Catch Your Death - Empty envelopes are nothing to sneeze at; Tara bombs out Michael Culver, Valentine Dyall, Fulton Mackay, Sylvia Kay, Dudley Sutton, Ronald Culver, Charles Lloyd-Pack, Hamilton Dyce, Geoffrey Chater, Willoughby Gray
6-05 23 October 1968 Split! - Top Secret officials don't remember murdering each other Nigel Davenport, Julian Glover, Bernard Archard, John G. Heller, Steven Scott, Maurice Good, Christopher Benjamin
6-06 30 October 1968 Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? - Computer trouble? Try the shotgun approach Dennis Price, Clifford Evans, Judy Parfitt, Frank Windsor, Saskia Cohen Tanugi, Anthony Nicholls, Valerie Leon, Arthur Cox
6-07 6 November 1968 False Witness - Is everyone lying to me? Buttering up Tara Barry Warren, John Bennett, Tony Steedman, William Job, Simon Lack, Arthur Pentelow, Rio Fanning, Jimmy Gardner
6-08 13 November 1968 All Done with Mirrors - Secrets are leaking from a solar power research establishment and mirrors seem to be involved Dinsdale Landen, Peter Copley, Edwin Richfield, Michael Trubshawe, Michael Nightingale, Robert Sidaway, Tenniel Evans, Graham Ashley, David Grey, Peter Thomas
6-09 20 November 1968 Legacy of Death - Bodies pile up as Tara plays Sam Spade Stratford Johns, Ronald Lacey, Richard Hurndall, John Hollis, Tutte Lemkow, Michael Bilton
6–10 27 November 1968 Noon Doomsday - Secret hospital and an anniversary T. P. McKenna, Ray Brooks, Griffith Jones, Lyndon Brook, Peter Bromilow, Patrick Newell, Peter Halliday, Anthony Ainley, John Glyn-Jones
6–11 4 December 1968 Look — (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) — But There Were These Two Fellers... - Clowns are killing people Jimmy Jewel, John Cleese, Bernard Cribbins, Julian Chagrin, John Woodvine, Talfryn Thomas, Robert James
6–12 11 December 1968 Have Guns — Will Haggle - Steed bids to stop 5,000 stolen state-of-the art rifles falling into the wrong hands Johnny Sekka, Nicola Pagett, Jonathan Burn, Roy Stewart, Timothy Bateson, Michael Turner
6–13 18 December 1968 They Keep Killing Steed - Look! The woods are full of them! Ian Ogilvy, Ray McAnally, Norman Jones, Bernard Horsfall, Reg Whitehead
6–14 1 January 1969 The Interrogators - Agents are tricked into giving away secrets Christopher Lee, Glynn Edwards, Neil Wilson, Neil McCarthy, Philip Bond
6–15 8 January 1969 The Rotters - Killers with a spray that makes wood disappear Gerald Sim, Jerome Willis, Eric Barker, John Nettleton, Frank Middlemass, Harold Innocent, Amy Dalby, John Stone
6–16 15 January 1969 Invasion of the Earthmen - Steed and Tara in astronaut school George Roubicek
6–17 22 January 1969 Killer - Steed takes up with another woman, umm, Lady Jennifer Croxton, Richard Wattis, Grant Taylor, William Franklyn, Harry Towb, James Bree, Michael McStay, John Bailey
6–18 29 January 1969 The Morning After - Awakening with a prisoner in a deserted town Peter Barkworth, Joss Ackland, Brian Blessed, Penelope Horner, Donald Douglas
6–19 5 February 1969 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues - Crime Scene Investigation makes it too easy Reginald Jessup, Peter Jones
6–20 12 February 1969 Wish You Were Here - Tara in posh prison resort Liam Redmond, Robert Urquhart, Brook Williams, Dudley Foster, Derek Newark, Gary Watson, David Garth, Louise Pajo, Richard Caldicot
6–21 19 February 1969 Love All Veronica Strong, Terence Alexander, Patsy Rowlands, Frank Gatliff, David Baron, Peter Stephens, Zulema Dene, Larry Taylor
6–22 26 February 1969 Stay Tuned - Where was Steed for three weeks? Gary Bond, Kate O'Mara, Iris Russell, Duncan Lamont, Howard Marion-Crawford, Roger Delgado, Harold Kasket, Ewan Roberts, Patrick Westwood
6–23 5 March 1969 Take Me to Your Leader - Tracking a talking red satchel Patrick Barr, Penelope Keith, John Ronane, Michael Robbins, Hugh Cross, Michael Hawkins, Henry Stamper
6–24 12 March 1969 Fog - The Gaslight Ghoul strikes again, a century later Nigel Green, Guy Rolfe, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Norman Chappell, Patsy Smart, Arnold Diamond, John Barrard
6–25 19 March 1969 Who Was That Man I Saw You With? - Playing Red Team, Tara comes under suspicion William Marlowe, Ralph Michael, Alan MacNaughtan, Alan Wheatley, Bryan Marshall, Ken Barker, Alan Browning, Ralph Ball, Aimée Delamain
6–26 26 March 1969 Homicide and Old Lace - Mother's aunties, atwitter over tale of robbery illustrated by clips Joyce Carey, Mary Merrall, Gerald Harper, Keith Baxter, Edward Brayshaw, Bryan Mosley, Donald Pickering, Gertan Klauber, Kristopher Kum, Kevork Malikyan, Stephen Hubay
6–27 2 April 1969 Thingumajig Dora Reisser, Iain Cuthbertson, Vernon Dobtcheff, Edward Burnham, Willoughby Goddard, Russell Waters
6–28 7 April 1969 My Wildest Dream - Acme Precision Combine directors are dying Peter Vaughan, Edward Fox, Philip Madoc, John Savident, Hugh Moxey
6–29 16 April 1969 Requiem - Steed hides out with cute, fierce competitor, but he's needed Angela Douglas, John Cairney, John Paul, Denis Shaw, Katya Wyeth, John Baker
6–30 23 April 1969 Take-Over - Steed's friends suffer breezy home invasion and arterial bombs Garfield Morgan
6–31 30 April 1969 Pandora - Shopping for a clock, Tara goes back 50 years to her wedding day Julian Glover, James Cossins, Reginald Barratt, John Laurie, Kathleen Byron, Peter Madden
6–32 14 May 1969 Get-a-Way Peter Bowles, Andrew Keir, Michael Elwyn, Neil Hallett, Michael Culver, Robert Russell, William Wilde, James Belchamber
6–33 21 May 1969 Bizarre - Fun begins when we die Roy Kinnear, Fulton Mackay, John Sharp, Ron Pember

John Bryce replaced Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell as producer for the start of the series. By the time Clemens and Fennell returned three episodes had been filmed: Two 90 minute episodes called "Invitation To a Killing" and "The Great Great Britain Crime" as well as a standard length episode "Invasion of the Earthmen". These were considered to be extremely flawed episodes and likely would have been scrapped except they didn't have time to film new episodes and still meet their American contract so "Invitation To a Killing" was heavily edited and had several new shots filmed to become "Have Guns — Will Haggle", "The Great Great Britain Crime" was heavily edited and had some old footage from previous episodes added, as well as some new footage to become "Homicide and Old Lace". "Invasion of the Earthmen" was slightly edited as well. No known copies of the original version of these episodes are known to exist.[2]

This unusually long series of 33 episodes was divided into two separate series on original US broadcast. It was produced in two batches: seven episodes (mostly without [3]


  • In the episode "Killer", Tara King is only seen departing for and returning from holiday. Steed's fellow agent for this episode is Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney (played by Jennifer Croxton).
  • In the US the field/suits of armour title sequence was re-edited to 23 seconds (the UK sequence runs 49 seconds), to accommodate more commercials.
  • The original 1968 German-dubbed episodes of this series had the field/suits of armour opening titles but the 'Shooting Gallery' end titles.
  • The original 1968 French-dubbed episodes of this series feature a variant in the opening title music, a gunshot is heard during the shot of Tara running between two rows of suits of armour toward Steed, and the sound of the sword swipe at the beginning is missing.
  • The original title music for the opening 'Shooting Gallery' sequence featured gunshots, the version of "Split!" with this title sequence currently available on DVD has the standard title music with opening sword swipe sound effect, where the first gunshot should be.

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