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List of Florida Institute of Technology people

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Title: List of Florida Institute of Technology people  
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Subject: Florida Institute of Technology
Collection: Florida Institute of Technology, Lists of People by Educational Affiliation in Florida, Lists of People by University or College in the United States
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List of Florida Institute of Technology people

Notable people

This list contains people associated with the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, including current and former college presidents, as well as notable alumni and faculty members.


Name Class Year Notability References
Richard Adams 1976 Inventor [1]
Lela E. Buis 1991 America author, poet and playwright
Charles C. Cannon 1976 Major General USA, (Ret)
Albert Scott Crossfield 1982 USAF Astronaut, Honorary Doctorate of Science, 1982
Ann E. Dunwoody 1987 General USA, M.S., First female four-star general in the military
Wassim Michael Haddad 1987 IEEE Fellow and Full Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S./M.S./Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering [2]
Richard Hatch Original winner of the CBS Survivor Television series [3]
Catharina Haynes 1983 Federal Judge
James L. Herdt 1992 9th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
Larry L. Hereth 1992 Commander of the Fifth Coast Guard District of the United States Coast Guard
Joan Higginbotham 1992 American engineer, NASA Astronaut, M.S. Management Science, 1992, M.S. Space Systems, 1996
Kathryn P. Hire 1991 NASA Astronaut (STS-90)
Galen B. Jackman 1983 Major General USA, (Ret). Chief of Legislative Liaison, U.S. Army [4]
David A. King 1991 Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center [5]
Prince Louis of Luxembourg Third son of Grand Duke Henri (monarch of Luxembourg, 2000–present). Studied Aeronautics and Aeronautical Management for two years (c.2009-2011) at FIT. [6][7][8]
Stephen Lee Morgan 1980s COO of CLS America
Jim Quinn 1988 Engineer at Orange County Choppers, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering [9]
Waleed a. Samkari 1988 Brigadier General. Former director of the Jordanian Maintenance Corps
Stephen R. Speed 1993 Former mayor of Dover, Delaware
Felix Soto Toro 1990 Astronaut applicant, developed the advanced payload transfer measurement system for NASA [10]
Tom Stuart mayor of Meridian, Mississippi, 1973 to 1977 [11]
Tim Wakefield Drafted by professional baseball in his junior year
Johnnie E. Wilson 1977 General USA, (Ret) [12]
Sunita Williams 1995 NASA Astronaut
George D. Zamka 1997 NASA Astronaut (STS-120)


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