B-Side Babies

B-Side Babies
Adam Ant
Released April 1994
Genre Rock, Pop
Adam Ant chronology

Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant
B-Side Babies

B-Side Babies is a compilation album showcasing old b-sides from Adam and the Ants and Adam Ant's solo work.

Track listing

  1. "Fall-In" (UK B-side to "Ant Music")
  2. "Making History" (Original UK Album track from the 1981 UK best selling album "Kings of the Wild Frontier", omitted from US Release)
  3. "Beat My Guest" (UK B-side to "Stand and Deliver")
  4. "Friends" (Version 2) (UK B-side to "Ant Rap")
  5. "Red Scab" (UK B-side to "Goody Two Shoes")
  6. "Juanito The Bandito" (UK B-side to "Friend or Foe")
  7. "Why Do Girls Love Horses" (UK B-side to "Desperate But Not Serious)
  8. "Yours, Yours, Yours" (UK B-side to "Strip")
  9. "Kiss the Drummer" (UK B-side to "Puss 'N Boots")
  10. "B-Side Baby" (UK B-side to "Apollo 9")
  11. "Greta-X" (UK B-side to 'Vive Le Rock")
  12. "Human Bondage Den"
  13. "Physical (You're So)" (UK B-side to "Kings of the Wild Frontier" single; released as an album track on the US version of "Kings of the Wild Frontier")
  14. "It Doesn't Matter"
  15. "Christian D'Or" (UK B-side to "Prince Charming")
  16. "Viva Le Rock" (Instrumental Dub Mix) (Bonus exclusive to this CD only track)

Additional Information

The back of the CD contains a blurb which reads "The album Adam Ant always wanted you to have! Call it "Yours, Yours, Yours," because that's exactly what he intended! A true gift of Antmusic as a special thank you to all the fans who have been eagerly awaiting a chance to listen to the b-sides and bonus tracks they've never had before! In addition to US-released b-sides, other goodies found here include 7 tracks never before released in the US and 1 extra special treat never before released anywhere! So put on your dancing shoes and be Adam Ant's "B-Side Baby!"

"Physical (You're So)" was covered by Nine Inch Nails on their Broken EP. Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni also joined Nine Inch Nails on stage in 1995 for two concerts, performing "Physical (You're So)", "Red Scab" and "Fall-In" (all Adam and the Ants b-sides and included on the above album).

Notable omissions;

  • "Lady" - B-side to "Young Parisians"
  • "Whip in my Valise" - B-side to "Zerox"
  • "Kick" - B-side to "Cartrouble" (a re-recording of "Car Trouble - Part II" from "Dirk Wears White Sox)"
  • "Press Darlings" - B-side to "Dog Eat Dog"
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