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Battle Royale Original Soundtrack

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Title: Battle Royale Original Soundtrack  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan Wo
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Battle Royale Original Soundtrack

Battle Royale Original Soundtrack
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Released December 20, 2000
Recorded October 5-6, 2000
Genre Classical, Soundtrack
Length 71 minutes
Label Project-T/Cultural Publications Inc.
Masamichi Amano and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra chronology

Battle Royale Original Soundtrack
Battle Royale II: Requiem Original Soundtrack

Battle Royale Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack (OST) album of the Japanese film Battle Royale, released in December 2000. It is composed by Masamichi Amano, and conducted by him and performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and its associated choir.

Track listing

  1. 「レクイエム」(ヴェルディ)~プロローグ – "Requiem" (Verdi) ~ Dies irae– 6:38
  2. 新世紀教育改革法(BR法) – Millennium Education Reform Act (BR Act) – 3:01
  3. 戦慄の教師 – Teacher – 3:28
  4. ゲーム開始 – The Game Begins – 4:27
  5. 施設の想い出 – Memory – 2:45
  6. 殺戮者たち – Slaughter House – 3:32
  7. ラデツキー行進曲(J.シュトラウス1世) – Radetzky March (Strauss) – 1:40
  8. ゲームに乗った者,そして降りた者 – Ceux Qui Ont Pris Gout Au Jeu It Ceux Qui Ont Abandonne – 4:37
  9. 美しく青きドナウ(J.シュトラウス2世) – Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss) – 1:21
  10. 七原と典子の逃避行 – Escape – 1:46
  11. 友情~盗聴 – Nanahara and Noriko Friendship – 2:15
  12. 水の上で歌う(シューベルト) – Auf dem Wasser zu singen – 2:36
  13. 悲しみの勝利者 – Kawada's Theme – 2:18
  14. 桐山の襲撃 – Kiriyama Attacks – 4:30
  15. 三村の決意 – Mimura's Determination – 1:13
  16. 幸枝と七原~毒薬 – Utsumi and Nanahara ~ Poison Medicine – 5:29
  17. 少女たちの仁義無き戦い – The War of the Girls, without Faith nor Law – 4:28
  18. 再会 – Reunion – 2:09
  19. G線上のアリア(バッハ) – Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major (Bach) – 2:32
  21. 教師と生徒/ファイナル・バトル – Teacher and Students / Final Battle – 1:56
  22. 苦い勝利 – Bitter Victory – 2:17
  23. 新たなる旅立ち – A New Journey – 2:17

Ending song

Main article: Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan o

The ending song (during the end credits), which is not included in the Battle Royale OST, is called Climb the Stairs of Quiet Days (静かな日々の階段を Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan o), and is performed by Dragon Ash. The song is included in their Lily of da Valley album.

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