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Radio Macau

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Title: Radio Macau  
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Subject: Macau, Media of Macau
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Radio Macau

Teledifusão de Macau S.A.
Type Broadcast radio and television network
Country Macau, China
Availability Macau and Zhuhai
Owner Government of Macau
Launch date January 1, 1982 (television)
Official website

Teledifusão de Macau, commonly known as TDM (Chinese: 澳廣視), is the first over-the-air radio and television network in Macau. It was established on 1 January 1982 during Portuguese administration. TDM offers two 24-hour radio services a Cantonese and a Portuguese channel) and it also offers television services 1 Cantonese, 1 Portuguese, 1 sports, 1 news, 1 HDTV and 1 international channel.

Radio Transmissions

Rádio Macau offers two channels, in Portuguese on FM 98.0 MHz and Cantonese on FM 100.7 MHz.

Local programmes on the Portuguese service of Rádio Macau begins from 07:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, and from 08:00 to 20:00 at weekends. Programmes from RDP Antena 1 are relayed for the rest of the time. The Cantonese and Mandarin service of Rádio Macau is also 24-hours, with total local programme outputs.

Television Transmissions

It also offers analogue terrestrial television services: TDM Ou Mun in Cantonese and Mandarin, Canal Macau in Portuguese, TDM Desporto (for sports), TDM Informação (for news), TDM HD (for high-definition television) and TDM Macau Satéllite for international broadcast. It also carry three CCTV channels (CCTV-13, CCTV-News, and CCTV-9) along with Strait Television and Hunan TV World.

Local programmes on Canal Macau broadcast from around 13:00 on weekdays until 01:00, and longer hours at weekends. TDM's news bulletin (TDM News), is broadcast in Cantonese and Mandarin on "TDM Ou Mun", and in Portuguese and English on "Canal Macau".

Programmes from Portugal's RTP Internacional are usually relayed for other times, except for football matches. The Catholic Mass is broadcast live on Sunday mornings at the Igreja da Sé. These make Canal Macau a 24-hour channel. TDM Ou Mun broadcasts from 7:00 am (9:00 on Sundays) to 2:00 am next day, with simulcast of CCTV-13 filling rest of the time.

Transmissions of TDM Desporto may begin earlier on Sundays, and are longer for live coverage of football matches such as the English Premier League or the Spanish Liga. At other times when programmes are not transmitted, still image of TDM Desporto logo will be displayed with the background sound of Rádio Macau on FM 100.7 MHz.


Ch № Channel Channel content Transmission Format Launch Date Website
91 TDM Ou Mun Free-to-air in Cantonese Analog & Digital SDTV 17 September 1990 Website
92 Canal Macau Free-to-air in Portuguese Analog & Digital SDTV 17 September 1990 Website
93 TDM Desporto Sports Digital SDTV 9 October 2009 Website
94 TDM Informação News Digital SDTV 3 September 2012 Website
95 TDM HD HDTV of TDM Ou Mun or TDM Desporto Digital HDTV 15 July 2008 Website
96 TDM Macau Satéllite International Satellite SDTV 1 October 2009 Website
72 CCTV-13 Live broadcast of CCTV Digital SDTV 1 October 2009 Website
73 CCTV-News Live broadcast of CCTV Digital SDTV 15 July 2010 Website
74 CCTV-9 Live broadcast of CCTV Digital SDTV 1 November 2011 Website
75 Strait Television Live broadcast of FMG Digital SDTV 1 April 2011 Website
76 Hunan TV World Live broadcast of HBS Digital SDTV 15 July 2010 Website

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