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Serebro discography

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Title: Serebro discography  
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Serebro discography

Serebro discography
Studio albums 2
Compilation albums 0
EPs 1
Singles 12
Video albums 0
Music videos 12

This articles includes the discography of Russian girl group Serebro.

The band had released a total of 7 singles. Their debut single, Song #1, which had large attention worldwide, peaking at number 99 in UK, 68 in Switzerland, 35 in Sweden and 72 in Denmark. "Song #1" became their most commercial success single. Their next single, Dyshi was released in 2007. It became a little success single, peaking at number 2 in Russia, making their first single to chart in Russia. The band's next single "Opium", which was known as a comeback single, peaking at 1 in Russia, 2 in Moscow, 5 in Latvia and 35 in Ukraine. It became their second number, but threw references, it is currently their first. The bands fourth single "Skazhi, ne Molchi" became the band's second number 1, but had less success, becoming one of the bands most unsuccessful singles to date, but with good commercial success. While their last single, it became member Marina Lizorkina last single when she left the band. The band released their debut album "OpiumRoz", released on 25 April 2009 in Russia and 2 March 2010 worldwide. It was released by Monolit Records and Symbolic Records. Although it didn't chart in any major charts, it had success threw online.

After the album was released, the band had announced a line-up change and replaced Lizorkina with new and current member Anastasia Karpova. On 24 August 2009, the band had released their fifth single Sladko. It became successful in Russia, peaking at number 1 in Russia, and 5 in Latvia. It was emarked as another comeback single. After the singles release, the band's first EP Izbrannoe, released on September 2009. In April 2010, the band released their sixth single Ne Vremya, which was the bands most recognisable single to date, peaking at number 6 in Russia, the band's first single to peak outside the top 5. The English version was released on September. The bands single, Lets Hold Hands was successful in their native Russia, peaking at 3 in Russia, 18 in Ukraine and 7 in Latvia. However, it was the groups single "Mama Lover" which received media attention around Europe, and peaked outside off the Russian Federation, charting in countries including Spain, Czech Republic and Italy. It reached over 20 million views on YouTube, over 250 parodies on YouTube as well, and is known as the groups most successful single to date. Mama Lover, the groups second studio was released on June 19, 2012.

Studio albums

Title Album details Certifications
OpiumRoz (ОпиумRoz)
Mama Lover * Rus: 2× Platinum[1]


Title Album details Certifications
Izbrannoe (Избранное)


Single Year Chart positions Certifications Album
"Song #1" 2007 1 97 35 68 72 Opiumroz
"Дыши" 2
"Opium" 2008 1 25
"Skazhi, ne Molchi" 1 5
"Like Mary Warner" 2009 1 7 Izbrannoe
"Ne Vremya" 2010 6 Mama Lover
"Davai Derzhatsya Za Ruki" 3 18
"Mama Lover" 2011 8 38 6 48 25 6
"Gun" 2012 124 66 46 23
"Sexy Ass" 2013 TBA
"Malo Tebya" 5 2
"Mi Mi Mi" 11 8

Music videos

  • 2007: "Song #1" (Eurovision preview version) - 3:00
  • 2007: "Song #1" (Full length clip) - 3:45
  • 2007: "Песня #1" - 3:46
  • 2007: "Dyshi (Дыши)" - 4:31
  • 2008: "Opium (Опиум)" - 3:45
  • 2008: "Опиум" (Rose version) - 3:45
  • 2008: "Skazhi, ne Molchi (Скажи, не молчи)" - 3:45
  • 2009: "Sladko (Сладко)" - 3:56
  • 2010: "Ne Vremya (Не Bремя)" - 3:56
  • 2011: "Davay derzhat'sya za ruki (Давай держаться за руки)" - 4:16
  • 2011: "Davay derzhat'sya za ruki (Dubstep Version)" - 3:49
  • 2011: "Mama Lover" - 5:33
  • 2011: "Мама Люба" - 5:33
  • 2011: "Мальчик (Promo Video)" - 5:00
  • 2012: "Gun (Мальчик)" - 4:10
  • 2013: "Angel Kiss (Dubstep Version)" - 3:13
  • 2013: "Sexy Ass" - 3:40
  • 2013: "Mi Mi Mi" - 3:18
  • 2013: "Malo Tebya (Мало тебя)" - 3:45
  • 2013: "УГАР " (feat. DJ M.E.G.) - 3:41


External links

  • Official Website of Serebro
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