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Wacław Kiełtyka

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Title: Wacław Kiełtyka  
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Subject: Decapitated (band), Organic Hallucinosis, Witold Kiełtyka, The Negation, Vader (band)
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Wacław Kiełtyka

Wacław Kiełtyka
Wacław Kiełtyka at Empik, 2009
Born (1981-12-17) 17 December 1981
Krosno, Poland
Alma mater Academy of Music in Kraków
Occupation Musician
Children 1 (daughter)[1]
Relatives Witold Kiełtyka (brother)
Wojciech Kiełtyka (brother)
Musical career
Also known as Vogg
Genres Technical death metal, death metal, symphonic black metal, avant-garde metal
Instruments Guitar, bass guitar, accordion, piano
Years active 1996–present
Labels Earache, Nuclear Blast, Metal Mind, Mystic
Associated acts Decapitated, Lux Occulta, Vader, Sceptic, Renata Przemyk[2]

Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka (born 17 December, 1981) is a Polish musician and composer, best known as the guitarist of prominent death metal band Decapitated. Besides Decapitated, Wacław is the guitarist of Lux Occulta since 1998, as well as a former member of the Krakow group Sceptic. He also worked with the death metal band Vader.[3] He is a graduate of musical school in the first and second degree, alongside having attended the Academy of Music in Kraków as an accordionist.

Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka auditioned for second guitarist of Morbid Angel, after departure of Erik Rutan in 2006.[4] Before joining Vader in 2009 he was a music store salesman.[4] He was also a guitar technician for the band Hypocrisy.[4]


  • Ibanez Iceman 7 String Custom (Blood Mantra, and live performances)[5][6][7]
  • Ibanez Iceman 6 String Custom[7]
  • Ibanez Apex 7 String[7]
  • Ibanez RGD 7 String[7]
  • Ran Thor Custom 6 String (live performances)[8]
  • Dean ML Custom Shop (Carnival Is Forever, and live performances)[9]
  • Gibson Shred V (Carnival Is Forever, and live performances)[10]
  • Washburn Custom Dime (live performances)[10]
  • Custom RAN guitars with EMG 81 (Winds of Creation, Nihility, The Negation, Organic Hallucinosis, and live performances)[11]
  • [11]
  • ESP 7-string Custom Shop Seth (Carnival Is Forever)[9]
  • OLP MM4 SSPG RP (live performances)
  • Washburn EA10N 6 (live performances)
  • ESP LTD SC-607 BK
Amplifiers, cabinets, and effects
  • EVH 5150 Amplifiers and Cabinets (Blood Mantra, and live performances)[12][6]
  • BOSS Pedals: NS-2, DD-3, TU-2 (live performances)[10]
  • Digitech Whammy Pedal (live performances)[10]
  • Laboga Mr. Hector Amplifier (live performances)[13][10]
  • Laboga Cabintes 4×12 V30 (live performances)[10]
  • Morley Bad Horsie II (live performances)[10]
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amplifier (Winds of Creation)[11]
  • Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Amplifier (Nihility, The Negation)[11]
  • Crate Excalibur Amplifier (Nihility, Carnival Is Forever)[9][11]
  • Marshall Valvestate Amplifier (Nihility, Carnival Is Forever)[9][11]
  • Randall Warhead Amplifier (Organic Hallucinosis, and live performances)[11][14]
  • Bogner Ubershall Amplifier (Carnival Is Forever)[9]
  • Diezel Herbert Amplifier (Carnival Is Forever)[9]
  • VHT Pitbull Amplifier (Carnival Is Forever)[9]
  • Randall RH300 Amplifier (live performances)[13]
  • Engl Special Edition E670 Amplifier (live performances)[14]



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