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Title: 1972–1979  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Pentagram (band)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Released 1993
Genre Doom metal
Heavy metal
Label Peace Records
Pentagram chronology

Day of Reckoning
Be Forewarned

1972–1979 is the first of many Pentagram compilations featuring material recorded during the 1970s. It was released by Peace Records in 1993. Bobby Leibling stated in a 2004 interview with Hellride Music that he gave permission for 500 copies to be issued, but has yet to see any royalties for this release.[1] Most of the material was later released on the First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too compilations by Relapse Records. The mix of "Smokescreen" included on the 1972-1979 LP is different from the version included on the Relapse compilations and was not released on any other compilation after 1993.

Track listing

  1. "Hurricane"-2:05 (Liebling)
    • Recorded 1973 at Bias Studios
  2. "Be Forewarned"-3:28 (Liebling)
    • Recorded 1972 at The Rothsceller
  3. "Under My Thumb"-3:24 (Rolling Stones)
    • Recorded 1974 at Track Studios
  4. "Earth Flight"-2:54 (Liebling/Mayne)
    • Recorded 1974 at National Sound Warehouse
  5. "Wheel of Fortune"-4:04 (Liebling/O'Keefe)
    • Recorded 1974 at National Sound Warehouse
  6. "Walk in the Blue Light"-5:39 (Liebling)
    • Recorded 1973 at Bias Studios
  7. "Smokescreen"-4:06 (Liebling/O'Keefe)
    • Recorded 1976 at Underground Sound
  8. "Star Lady"-5:16 (Palmer/Liebling)
    • Recorded 1976 at Underground Sound
  9. "Little Games"-3:04 (The Yardbirds)
    • Recorded 1976 at Underground Sound
  10. "Much Too Young to Know"-4:40 (Liebling/O'Keefe)
    • Recorded 1976 at Underground Sound
  11. "Livin' in a Ram's Head"-3:01 (Liebling)
    • Recorded 1978 at The Sound Box


  • Bobby Leibling – vocals
  • Geof O'Keefe – drums on 1-10
  • Vince McAllister – guitar on 1-10
  • Greg Mayne – bass on 1-10
  • Randy Palmer – guitar on 3-5
  • Marty Iverson – guitar on 6-10
  • Richard Kueht – guitar on 11
  • Paul Trowbridge – guitar on 11
  • Marty Swaney – bass on 11
  • Joe Hasselvander – drums on 11


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