Alfa Radio

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City of license Mexico City/Ecatepec/Pachuca
Broadcast area Greater Mexico City
Branding "Alfa 91.3"
Slogan Más variedad, mucho más música ("More variety, more music" in Spanish)
Format Urban Contemporary (Rhythmic Contemporary)
ERP 69,000 watts
600 watts(horizontal) 560 watts (vertical)
0.1 watts (horizontal) 6500 watts (vertical)
Class B
Callsign meaning XH Francisco Aguirre Jiménez - Mexican Radio Pioneer, founder of Radio Centro
Former callsigns XEQK-FM
Owner Grupo Radio Centro

XHFAJ-FM (better known as Alfa 91.3) is a radio station that plays music for teenagers in Mexico City. IT's a Top 40/CHR format radio station.


Alfa radio began in the early 90s broadcasting electronic music (mostly Eurodance), but as the decade ended, it started to lose rating, so it suddenly changed its format and started to broadcast more appealing music for wider audiences.

After in the 2001 Alfa Radio came back playing rock, hip hop, metal, R&B and Punk Rock. Now the station only plays a few rock music, because it is focusing on a Top 40/CHR format.

After late 2007 it began broadcasting Top 40 English music for the teenagers in the Mexico City area, it can be compared to Los Angeles radio station KISS FM.

Its main program is the morning show "Toño Esquinca y la muchedumbre"(Toño Esquinca and the crowd) hosted by Antonio Esquinca, which started on January 13, 2010. Formerly, the program was aired on rival station Mix 106.5, but Esquinca resigned in December 2009. The show airs everyday from 6 am until 1 pm on Alfa 91.3.

Radio Edits

Alfa Radio is one of the most progressive radio Stations in the area of Mexico City for playing English Radio Edits. The first radio edit that Alfa Radio aired was Gold Digger by Kanye West.


Alfa Radio is heard normally by the teenagers of Mexico City.

New Year 2004

On New Year 2004-2005 Alfa Radio aired Spanish hip hop, Salsa, Reggaeton and Techno Mixes for the New Year's Eve, That was a temporal format change and it was a strange change for a Urban Contemporary Top 40 radio station.


Alfa Radio has had many notable visitors like The Killers, T.I., t.A.T.u., The Game, Snoop Dogg, Foo Fighters, Nate Dogg, AC/DC, Lupe Fiasco, Hanson, Fall out boy, Lady Gaga. etc.


Current hosts of the station are Antonio Esquinca, Jose Luis Jarero "Jari", Mariana Santiago, and Francisco Chaparro.

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