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BILL 2 Anti-tank guided weapon

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Title: BILL 2 Anti-tank guided weapon  
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BILL 2 Anti-tank guided weapon

The BILL 2 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon is a man-portable or vehicle-mounted guided anti-tank missile using the overfly top attack method to attack the weaker parts of an armoured vehicle.


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The BILL 2 was designed upon the original BILL 1 Anti-tank guided weapon that has been in the service of the Swedish Army since 1988. The BILL 2 is currently produced by Saab Bofors Dynamics, who are located in Karlskoga, Sweden. The BILL 2 comes with one 10.5 kg missile, a launching tube, tripod with x7 magnification day sight, and one thermal imaging sight.


The BILL 2 uses OTA or Overfly Top Attack to attack its target. The missile flies towards the target on a standard horizontal trajectory, but rather than directly hitting the target head on, it overflies it, detonating its warhead on top of an armored vehicle, where the armour is usually lighter. It also utilizes additional guidance accuracy via the installed rate gyro, which monitors the tracking movement of the launcher. It is designed primarily to attack armoured or unarmoured vehicles, but can also be used to attack helicopters or soft ground targets, such as light buildings.

The BILL 2 can be mounted onto a variety of vehicles and then fired remotely from inside the vehicle.

Firing Modes

The BILL 2 has three firing modes that the launcher's operator can select, before launching the missile.

  • Basic - In this mode the missile will use both of its sensors to hit the armoured vehicle from the top.
  • Non-Armored - In this mode the missile uses no sensors and flies on a LOS or line-of-sight, while using the impact fuse.
  • Soft Target - In this mode the optical sensor is used, but the magnetic sensor is not. The missile then uses OTA to attack its target.


The BILL 2 Missile uses a reactive armour protecting the target and leaves the 110mm rear warhead to penetrate the armour. Total penetration capabilities are classified, but are known to be at least 550mm in rolled homogeneous armor.


Former operators

  •  Sweden: Taken out of service in 2013.


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