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Industry Music
Founded Berlin, Germany, (October 2008 (2008-10))
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
  • Hartwig Masuch (CEO)
  • Max Dressendörfer (CFO)
  • Kay Krafft (CIO)
  • Steven Moran (COO)
  • Laurent Hubert (US)
  • Richard Blackstone (CCO US)
  • John Dobinson (COO Europe)
  • Fred Casimir (Europe)
  • Alexi Cory-Smith (UK)
  • Maik Pallasch (Germany)
  • Stéphane Berlow (France)
  • Mary Ann Slim (Ireland)
  • Frank Bruens (Benelux)
  • Dino Stewart (Italy)
  • Javier Sanz (Spain)
  • Sanken Sandqvist (Scandinavia)
Services Music rights management
Parent Bertelsmann

BMG is an international group of music companies focused on the management of music rights and a wholly owned subsidiary of the international media conglomerate Bertelsmann, its name being the legacy of the former Bertelsmann Music Group. Until February 2013 it was a joint venture between Bertelsmann (49 %) and the global private equity firm KKR (51 %).[1] The company's head office is in Berlin, but it also has regional offices New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Dublin, and Hilversum in the Netherlands.

Company Profile

BMG is the fourth-largest music publisher in the world, based on revenue.[2] The company was first announced in late 2008 shortly following Bertelsmann's sale of its music interests to Sony Music Entertainment, and first opened offices in January 2009.[3] BMG focuses on the competent and transparent administration and management of musical copyrights and acts as broker between the creative community and the professional users in times of multiple digital exploitation and distribution. Since its founding, the company has completed a number of prominent signings and now represents the rights to around one million songs. It has acquired major independent publishers such as Crosstown Songs, Cherry Lane Music Publishing, Stage Three Music, Evergreen Copyrights, Chrysalis Music Group,[4] Bug Music[5] and R2M.[6] It also acquired from Sony/ATV Music Publishing the song libraries of Virgin Music and Famous Music UK.[7] The company trades under the name BMG Chrysalis in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

As a service provider, BMG supports songwriters, recording artists and producers to administer, manage, develop, market and exploit their copyrights globally. The company serves artists of all genres, nationalities and levels of development and devotes a substantial percentage of its funds each year to signing and developing new talent.[8] BMG contributes its licensing know-how, a diverse roster of artists and songwriters, an established brand name and a proficient management strategy.

Hartwig Masuch, BMG CEO, has demonstrated that his business strategy of becoming a European service provider in the music world has proven to be a realistic approach. With its business model, BMG has quickly acquired national stars such as Sasha, Nena, Peter Fox and Zweiraumwohnung. Especially in 2011 and 2012, a great variety of young new international songwriters, artists and producers with promising potential has been added to the roster of BMG. The company provides the opportunity for their creative development while taking over the management of copyrights. "There is lots more to come", said BMG Chrysalis UK senior vice-president Alexi Cory-Smith "The music business has changed. Writers want a new alternative. BMG Chrysalis is proving it has the resources, the technology and the creative vision to provide that alternative".[9]

Since 2012, BMG expanded in the administration and management of master recording rights by establishing the BMG masters model. The model is based on both artist and company jointly contributing toward distribution and promotional finances, while the company generally does not pay an advance against royalties; This allows for the recording contract to grant a higher royalty rate to the recording artist than more traditional arrangements.[10]

BMG are to buy Sanctuary Records Group from Universal Music Group for over €45 million. [11] BMG had distributed Sanctuary (in the USA, Russia, and Australia) in the past. The deal was approved by the EU in May 2013.[12]

Soon after completing its acquisition of Mute Records and Sanctuary, BMG arranged for INgrooves to distribute the catalogues in North America, and Play It Again Sam for the rest of the world. Also, Depeche Mode (Mute) will be distributed through Sony Music Entertainment, while Black Sabbath (Sanctuary) will remain at Universal Music Group until March 2014.[13]

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