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British Forces Cyprus

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Title: British Forces Cyprus  
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Subject: List of British Army installations, Roy Austen-Smith, Richard Cripwell, Sandy Hunter, Outline of Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Collection: British Armed Forces Deployments, British Military in Cyprus
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British Forces Cyprus

British Forces Cyprus
The British Tri-Service badge
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom Royal Navy
British Army Flag British Army
Royal Air Force Ensign Royal Air Force
Part of UK Ministry of Defence
CBF (Commander British Forces Cyprus) Air Vice-Marshal Michael Wigston

British Forces Cyprus (BFC) is the name given to the British Armed Forces stationed in the UK sovereign base areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia on the island of Cyprus. The United Kingdom retains a military presence on the island in order to keep a strategic location at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, for use as a staging point for forces sent to locations in the Middle East and Asia. BFC is a tri-service command, with all three services based on the island reporting to it. At present, there are approximately 3,500 personnel serving in Cyprus.


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Dhekelia Garrison

Following the

  • British Army website
  • Permanent Joint HQ Overseas Bases Cyprus

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See also

One of the roles of the support units of BFC is to assist as needed the British units deployed with UNFICYP, which are not part of BFC, but are instead under the direct command of the United Nations.

  • HQ BRITCON - responsible for the administration and support of the British Contingent.
  • Force Military Police Unit- the FMPU is commanded by a major of the Royal Military Police, with seven other members of the RMP as part of the multi-national unit.
  • UN Roulement Regiment - the URR is usually provided by the Royal Artillery or the Royal Logistic Corps and has responsibility for patrolling Sector 2 of the Green Line in Nicosia. Between October 2008 and April 2009, this role was filled by 32 Signal Regiment Group, a composite TA unit. This was the first time a TA unit had been deployed on a UN Peacekeeping mission[27]

Operation TOSCA is the name given to the British contribution to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP). The British Contingent (BRITCON) numbers 278, and consists of three distinct parts:

Operation TOSCA

Commander, British Forces Cyprus

The following officers have been in command of British Forces Cyprus:[6]
General Officer Commanding Cyprus District


In the future, The Queen’s and King’s Divisions will continue to move battalions through Cyprus every 3 years. The 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment will be stationed there in 2013 and the 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment will rotate into Cyprus in 2014. These are both Foxhound-mounted infantry battalions.[5]


Within British Forces Cyprus are a number of permanently based units; however, the large proportion of British forces in Cyprus are on operational tours:

UK Sovereign Base Areas (pink)

Force structure

Episkopi is the current command center of British Forces Cyprus. The commander of the Sovereign Base Areas/British Forces Cyprus (CBF) is a two-star appointment, alternating every three years between the Army and the RAF. Consequently, the Chief of Staff British Forces Cyprus (COS) is a one-star appointment from the opposite service of the commander. Episkopi Cantonment is home to the Sovereign Base Areas Administration, the civilian authority in the territory.[3]


[2] was in official use.British Forces in Cyprus. By 1962 the title Cyprus and was based in Near East Air Force On 1 March 1961 the Southern Group of Middle East Air Force became [1]

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