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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

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Title: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles  
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Subject: The Morland Dynasty, Cultural depictions of Mary, Queen of Scots, Pentrich, Derbyshire, Cultural depictions of Henry VIII of England, Rail transport in fiction
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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Born (1948-08-13) 13 August 1948
Shepherd's Bush, London, England
Pen name Cynthia Harrod-Eagles,
Emma Woodhouse,
Elizabeth Bennett
Occupation Novelist
Language English
Nationality British
Period 1972–present
Genre Romance, mystery, historical fiction
Spouse yes
Children 3

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (born 13 August 1948 in Shepherd's Bush, London, England), is a British writer of romance and mystery novels since 1972. She also used the pseudonym Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennett.


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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles was born in Shepherd's Bush in London. She was educated at Burlington School, a girls' charity school founded in 1699, and at the University of Edinburgh and University College London, where she studied English, history and philosophy.

Afterwards she had a variety of jobs in the commercial world, beginning as sales manager for the Coca Cola Company in Edinburgh, and ending up as pensions officer for the BBC in London, while writing during the evenings and weekends.

The birth of The Morland Dynasty series enabled her to become a full-time writer in 1979. The series was originally intended to comprise twelve volumes, but has now been extended to 35. She also writes the internationally acclaimed Bill Slider Mysteries.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles still lives with her husband in London. They have three children, and apart from writing her passions are music (she plays in several amateur orchestras), horses, wine, architecture, and the English countryside.


She wrote her first novel while at university and in 1972 won the Young Writers' Award with The Waiting Game.

In 1993 she won the Romantic Novelists' Association Romantic Novel of the Year Award with Emily, the third volume of her Kirov Saga, a trilogy set in nineteenth century Russia.


As Cynthia Harrod-Eagles[1]

Single novels

  • The Waiting Game (1972)
  • Shadows on the Mountain (1973)
  • Hollow Night (1980)
  • Deadfall (1982)
  • The Crystal Crown (1983)
  • The Orange Tree Plot (1989)
  • The Enchanted Isle (1993)
  • I, Victoria: The Secret Diary of the Empress Queen.... (1994)
  • Play for Love (1995)
  • A Cornish Affair (1996)
  • Nobody's Fool (1997)
  • Dangerous Love (1997)
  • Divided Love (1998)
  • Keeping Secrets (1998)
  • The Longest Dance (2000)
  • The Horsemasters (2001)
  • Julia (2002)
  • The Colonel's Daughter (2005)
  • Harte's Desire (2007)
  • Country Plot (2012)
  • Kate's Progress (2013)

The Morland Dynasty

The original idea for the The Morland Dynasty series was a 'history without tears', fictional characters in a real historical background. The plan was for the whole run of British history from the Middle Ages to the Second World War to be covered in twelve volumes (Harrod-Eagles' initial contract was for just four books). The series now comprises 34 titles; a 35th is being written (May 2012).

  1. The Founding (1980) Begins 1434 and covers the War of the Roses and Richard III
  2. The Dark Rose (1981) Begins 1501 and covers Henry VIII
  3. The Princeling (1981) aka The Distant Wood Begins 1558 and covers Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots
  4. The Oak Apple (1982) Begins 1630 and covers Charles I and the English Civil War
  5. The Black Pearl (1982) Begins 1659 and covers Charles II and the Restoration
  6. The Long Shadow (1983) Begins 1670 and covers Charles II and James II
  7. The Chevalier (1984) Begins 1689 and covers Old Pretender (1715 Rebellion)
  8. The Maiden (1985) Begins 1720 and covers Bonnie Prince Charlie), (1745 Rebellion)
  9. The Flood-Tide (1986) Begins 1772 and covers American War of Independence, Enclosures
  10. The Tangled Thread (1987) Begins 1788 and covers The French Revolution, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution
  11. The Emperor (1988) Begins 1795 and covers the Rise of Napoleon
  12. The Victory (1989) Begins 1803 and covers the Regency, Beau Brummell, Industrial Revolution, Battle of Trafalgar
  13. The Regency (1990) Begins 1807 and covers the Napoleonic Wars, the Peninsular Campaign, the Industrial Revolution
  14. The Campaigners (1990) Begins 1815 and covers the Campaign of 100 Days and the Battle of Waterloo
  15. The Reckoning (1992) Begins 1816 and covers the Post War Slump, Chartism, Pentrich Revolution, Industrial Progress
  16. The Devil's Horse (1993) Begins 1820 Rainhill Trials, Liverpool and Manchester Railway
  17. The Poison Tree (1994) Begins 1831 and covers William IV, 1832 Reform Act, the Railway Pioneers
  18. The Abyss (1995) Begins 1833 and covers George Hudson
  19. The Hidden Shore (1996) Begins 1843 and Covers the Early Victorian Age, Philanthropy, Ragged School
  20. The Winter Journey (1997) Begins 1851 and covers the Mid-Victorian Age, The Great Exhibition, the Crimean War
  21. The Outcast (1998) Begins 1857 and covers the American Civil War, the Divorce Act, the first Underground Railway
  22. The Mirage (1999) Begins 1870 and covers the High Victorian Age, Franco-Prussian War, changes to medical training
  23. The Cause (2000) Begins 1874 and covers the High Victorian Age, Women's Rights
  24. The Homecoming (2001) Begins 1885 and covers Late Victorian Age, Oscar Wilde, Prince of Wales' set, Girls Education
  25. The Question (2002) Begins 1898 and covers Late Victorian/Edwardian, Automobile, Boer War, Suffragettes
  26. The Dream Kingdom (2003) Begins 1980 and covers Edwardian, Aviation
  27. The Restless Sea (2004) Begins 1912 and covers Titanic, Cat and Mouse Act
  28. The White Road (2005) Begins 1914 and covers the beginning of World War I
  29. The Burning Roses (2006) Begins 1915 and continues World War I
  30. The Measure of Days (2007) Begins 1916 and continues World War I covering the Battle of the Somme
  31. The Foreign Field (2008) Begins 1917 and continues World War I, Passchendaele
  32. The Fallen Kings (2009) Begins 1918 and covers the end of WW1; Armistice; demobilisation
  33. The Dancing Years (2010) Begins 1919 and continues demobilisation and peace
  34. The Winding Road (2011) Begins 1925 and covers the Jazz Age; Wall Street Crash
  35. The Phoenix (2013) Begins 1931 and covers post-Crash depression; Hollywood and the Talkies;

The Kirov Trilogy

  1. Anna (1990). Begins in 1803 and covers the Napoleonic invasion of Russia. Shortlisted for the 1991 RNA Novel of the Year.
  2. Fleur (1991). Begins in 1851 and covers the Crimean War.
  3. Emily (1992). Begins in 1910 and covers World War I and the Russian Revolution.

Bill Slider Mysteries

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles admits the first novel in the Bill Slider series was written for relaxation and was never intended for publication but received good reviews being praised for its "nicely detailed prose" and approachable characters" (Klett 1992:181) and as a "masterful debut" (Brainard (1992b:51). The reviews for the second novel state "the author is well on her way to an outstanding series" New York Times Marilyn Stasio 21 February 1993, and proved to be true as to date, the series consists of 16 novels.

  1. Orchestrated Death (1991)
  2. Death Watch (1992)
  3. Necrochip (1993) aka Death to Go
  4. Dead End (1994) aka Grave Music
  5. Blood Lines (1996)
  6. Killing Time (1996)
  7. Shallow Grave (1998)
  8. Blood Sinister (1999)
  9. Gone Tomorrow (2001)
  10. Dear Departed (2004)
  11. Game Over (2008)
  12. Fell Purpose (2009)
  13. Body Line (2011)
  14. Kill My Darling (2011)
  15. Blood Never Dies (2012)
  16. Hard Going (2013)

As Emma Woodhouse

Single novels

  • A Well-Painted Passion (1976)
  • A Rainbow Summer (1976)
  • Romany Magic (1976)
  • Love's Perilous Passage (1978)
  • Never Love a Stranger (1978)
  • On Wings of Love (1978)

As Elizabeth Bennett

Single novels

  • Title Role (1980)
  • The Unfinished (1983)
  • Last Run (1984)
  • Even Chance (1984)

References and sources

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