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Governorates of Jordan

Jordan is divided into 12 governorates (muhafazah) by the administrative divisions system of the Ministry of Interior. In 1994, four new governorates were created: Jerash, Ajloun, Madaba and Aqaba. Jerash Governorate and Ajloun Governorate were split from Irbid Governorate, Madaba Governorate was split from Amman Governorate and Aqaba Governorate was split from Ma'an Governorate.


Geographically, the governorates of Jordan are located in one of three regions: the North Region, Central Region and the South Region. These three geographical regions are not distributed by area or populations, but rather by geographical connectivity and distance among the population centers. The South Region is separated from the Central Region by the Mountains of Moab in Karak Governorate. The population centers of the Central and North Region are separated geographically by the mountains of Jerash Governorate. Socially, the population centers of Amman, Salt, Zarqa and Madaba form together one large metropolitan area in which business interactions in these cities are under the influence of Amman. While the cities of Jerash, Ajloun, and Mafraq are mostly under the influence of the city of Irbid.

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Governorates of Jordan
Governorate Area[1] (km²) Population[2] Urban[2] Rural[2] Density[1] (people/km²) Capital
1 Irbid 1,572 1,137,100 943,000 194,100 723.4 Irbid
2 Ajloun 420 146,900 111,500 35,400 350.1 Ajloun
3 Jerash 410 191,700 120,100 71,600 467.8 Jerash
4 Mafraq 26,551 300,300 117,800 182,500 11.3 Mafraq
North Region 28,953 1,776,000 1,292,400 483,600 61.3
5 Balqa 1,120 428,000 307,400 120,600 382.0 Salt
6 Amman 7,579 2,473,400 2,325,500 147,900 326.3 Amman
7 Zarqa 4,761 951,800 899,800 52,000 199.9 Zarqa
8 Madaba 940 159,700 114,000 45,700 170.0 Madaba
Central Region 14,400 4,012,900 3,646,700 366,200 278.7
9 Karak 3,495 249,100 87,200 161,900 71.3 Al Karak
10 Tafilah 2,209 89,400 63,800 25,600 40.5 Tafilah
11 Ma'an 32,832 121,400 66,600 54,800 3.7 Ma'an
12 Aqaba 6,905 139,200 119,700 19,500 20.2 Aqaba
South Region 45,441 599,100 337,300 261,800 13.2
Total 88,794 6,388,000 5,276,400 (82.6%) 1,111,600 (17.4%) 71.9

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