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List of Virginia state parks


List of Virginia state parks

Breaks Canyon, located in Breaks Interstate Park.

This is a list of state parks and reserves in the Virginia state park system.

Virginia opened its entire state park system on June 15, 1936 as a six-park system. The six originals state parks were Seashore State Park (now First Landing State Park), Westmoreland State Park, Staunton River State Park, Douthat State Park, Fairy Stone State Park, and Hungry Mother State Park. The park system now oversees 37 parks.[1]

State parks

Douthat Lake, located in Douthat State Park.
False Cape State Park's Back Bay.
Fog on a lake in Hungry Mother State Park.
Name Web-
Location Size Established Status Remarks
Bear Creek Lake State Park [38] Cumberland, Virginia 562 acres (2.27 km2)[1] 1939[1] Open
Belle Isle State Park [39] Lancaster County, Virginia 747 acres (3.02 km2)[1] 1993[1] Open
Breaks Interstate Park [40] Breaks, Virginia 4,500 acres (18 km2) 1954 Open
Caledon Natural Area [41] King George, Virginia 2,608 acres (10.55 km2)[1] 1974[1] Open
Chippokes Plantation State Park [42] Surry, Virginia 1,945 acres (7.87 km2)[1] 1967[1] Open
Claytor Lake State Park [43] Dublin, Virginia 476 acres (1.93 km2)[1] 1951[1] Open
Douthat State Park [44] Millboro, Virginia 4,545 acres (18.39 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open
Fairy Stone State Park [45] Stuart, Virginia 4,678 acres (18.93 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open
False Cape State Park [46] Virginia Beach, Virginia 4,321 acres (17.49 km2)[1] 1968[1] Open
First Landing State Park [47] Virginia Beach, Virginia 3,598 acres (14.56 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open Originally Seashore State Park[1]
Grayson Highlands State Park [48] Mouth of Wilson, Virginia 4,857 acres (19.66 km2)[1] 1965[1] Open
High Bridge Trail State Park [49] Farmville, Virginia 608 acres (2.46 km2)[1] 2006[1] Open
Holliday Lake State Park [50] Appomattox, Virginia 250 acres (1.0 km2)[1] 1939[1] Open
Hungry Mother State Park [51] Marion, Virginia 2,345 acres (9.49 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open
James River State Park [52] Gladstone, Virginia 1,568 acres (6.35 km2)[1] 1993[1] Open
Kiptopeke State Park [53] Cape Charles, Virginia 536 acres (2.17 km2)[1] 1992[1] Open
Lake Anna State Park [54] Spotsylvania County, Virginia 2,469 acres (9.99 km2)[1] 1972[1] Open
Leesylvania State Park [55] Woodbridge, Virginia 511 acres (2.07 km2)[1] 1975[1] Open
Mason Neck State Park [56] Lorton, Virginia 1,863 acres (7.54 km2)[1] 1967[1] Open
Middle Peninsula State Park 408 acres (1.65 km2)[1] 2006[1] Closed
Natural Tunnel State Park [57] Duffield, Virginia 881 acres (3.57 km2)[1] 1967[1] Open
New River Trail State Park [58] Fosters Falls, Virginia 1,224 acres (4.95 km2)[1] 1987[1] Open
Occoneechee State Park [59] Clarksville, Virginia 2,690 acres (10.9 km2)[1] 1968[1] Open
Pocahontas State Park [60] Chesterfield, Virginia 7,691 acres (31.12 km2)[1] 1946[1] Open
Powhatan State Park [61] Powhatan, Virginia 1,563 acres (6.33 km2)[1] 2003[1] Open
Sailor's Creek Battlefield State Park [62] Rice, Virginia 324 acres (1.31 km2)[1] 1937[1] Open
Seven Bends State Park 1,067 acres (4.32 km2)[1] 2004[1] Closed
Shenandoah River Raymond R. "Andy" Guest Jr. State Park [63] Bentonville, Virginia 1,704 acres (6.90 km2)[1] 1994[1] Open
Shot Tower Historical State Park [64] Austinville, Virginia 7 acres (0.028 km2)[1] 1964[1] Open
Sky Meadows State Park [65] Delaplane, Virginia 1,618 acres (6.55 km2)[1] 1975[1] Open
Smith Mountain Lake State Park [66] Huddleston, Virginia 1,506 acres (6.09 km2)[1] 1967[1] Open
Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park [67] Big Stone Gap, Virginia 2 acres (0.0081 km2)[1] 1943[1] Open
Staunton River State Park [68] Scottsburg, Virginia 2,563 acres (10.37 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open
Staunton River Battlefield State Park [69] Randolph, Virginia 345 acres (1.40 km2)[1] 1955[1] Open
Tabb Monument [70] Amelia County, Virginia 1 acre (0.0040 km2)[1] 1936[1] Open
Twin Lakes State Park [71] Green Bay, Virginia 484 acres (1.96 km2)[1] 1939[1] Open
Westmoreland State Park [72] Montross, Virginia 1,387 acres (5.61 km2)[1] 1933[1] Open
Widewater State Park 1,089 acres (4.41 km2)[1] 2006[1] Closed
Wilderness Road State Park [73] Ewing, Virginia 192 acres (0.78 km2)[1] 1993[1] Open
York River State Park [74] Williamsburg, Virginia 2,553 acres (10.33 km2)[1] 1969[1] Open

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