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List of political parties in Puerto Rico

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Title: List of political parties in Puerto Rico  
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Subject: Popular Democratic Party (Puerto Rico), People's Party (Puerto Rico), Political party strength in Puerto Rico, Working People's Party of Puerto Rico, Democratic Party (Puerto Rico)
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List of political parties in Puerto Rico

This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of
Puerto Rico

This article lists political parties in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has a hybrid 'first past the post' electoral system, in which a voter can vote by party, by candidate or both. To qualify as an official political party (and thus be able to appear on the printed state electoral ballot), a party must meet the criteria set forth by the Puerto Rico Electoral Law.

These criteria categorize political parties as follows:

  • Principal Party - one that obtained at least 3% of the straight-ticket party votes cast in the prior general election, or 7% of the party-label votes for the governor & resident commissioner, or 5% of the gubernatorial candidate votes.
  • Principal Party of the Majority - one that obtained the majority of governor candidate votes cast in the prior general election.
  • Party by Petition - one that has submitted the minimum number of signatures required for new registration (currently 3 percent of the total of all votes cast for governor in the prior general election)

Political parties meeting the stated criteria are certified and inscribed by the State Elections Commission.

Registered parties


As of June 1, 2012, Puerto Rico has six[1] registered electoral parties:

Name (in English) Name (in Spanish) Initials Current leader Ideology
Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party Partido Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico PPR Rogelio Figueroa Social, environmental and economic reform
New Progressive Party Partido Nuevo Progresista PNP Pedro Pierluisi Pro-statehood
Popular Democratic Party Partido Popular Democrático PPD Alejandro García Padilla Pro-commonwealth, pro-autonomous entity: different from a federated state or a territory. (Estado Libre Asociado), as established in 1950 law
Working People's Party Partido del Pueblo Trabajador PPT Rafael Bernabe Riefkohl pro-working class, Pro-well being of the working people.
Puerto Rican Independence Party Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño PIP Juan Dalmau Ramírez Pro-independence[2]
Sovereign Union Movement[3] Movimiento Unión Soberanista MUS Arturo Hernández[4] In favor of a sovereign Puerto Rico


Name (in English) Name (in Spanish) Abbreviation Existed
Federal Party Partido Federal - 1900s
Christian Action Party Partido Acción Cristiana PAC 1960s
Liberal Party of Puerto Rico Partido Liberal de Puerto Rico - 1932-1944
Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico PNPR 1920s-Present, no longer electoral.
Puerto Rican Communist Party Partido Comunista Puertorriqueño PCP 1930s-1990s
Puerto Rican Renewal Party Partido Renovación Puertorriqueño PRP 1983-1987
Puerto Rican Socialist Party Partido Socialista Puertorriqueño PSP 1970s-1990s
Republican Statehood Party Partido Estadista Republicano PER 1900s-1930s
Socialist Party Partido Socialista de Puerto Rico PSPR 1900s-1950s
People's Party Partido del Pueblo PP 1960s-1970s
Puerto Rican Union Party Partido Unión Puertorriquena PUP 1969-1972
Union Party Partido Unión - 1900s-1930s
Republican Union Unión Republicana - 1930s-1960s

Unregistered parties

A number of unregistered political parties and organizations exist in Puerto Rico outside of the electoral arena. These organizations span the entire political spectrum:

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