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North Central Colorado Urban Area

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Title: North Central Colorado Urban Area  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Front Range Urban Corridor, Colorado metropolitan areas, Dakota Ridge, Colorado, Holly Hills, Colorado, Inverness, Colorado
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North Central Colorado Urban Area

An enlargeable map of the 13-county North Central Colorado Urban Area

The North Central Colorado Urban Area comprises the four contiguous metropolitan statistical areas in the north central region of the State of Colorado: the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Statistical Area, the Boulder Metropolitan Statistical Area, the Fort Collins-Loveland Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the Greeley Metropolitan Statistical Area. With the exception of southeastern Elbert County, southeastern Park County, and tiny portions of southern Douglas County, the entire North Central Colorado Urban Area is drained by the South Platte River and its tributaries. The North Central Colorado Urban Area is the central, and the most populous, of the three primary subregions of the Front Range Urban Corridor.

The North Central Colorado Urban Area had a population of 3,390,504 at the 2010 United States Census, a 17.67% increase from the 2000 United States Census.[1] In 2010, 67.42% of Coloradans lived in the North Central Colorado Urban Area.


The North Central Colorado Urban Area[1]

Core Based Statistical Area 2010 Census County 2010 Census 2000 Census Pop Change
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO MSA 2,543,482 City and County of Denver, Colorado !B2147483647 600,158 !B2147483647 554,636 !D0002147483647 +8.21%
Arapahoe County, Colorado !B2147483647 572,003 !B2147483647 487,967 !D0002147483647 +17.22%
Jefferson County, Colorado !B2147483647 534,543 !B2147483647 527,056 !D0002147483647 +1.42%
Adams County, Colorado !B2147483647 441,603 !B2147483647 363,857 !D0002147483647 +21.37%
Douglas County, Colorado !B2147483647 285,465 !B2147483647 175,766 !D0002147483647 +62.41%
City and County of Broomfield, Colorado !B2147483647 55,889 !F 0 !O NA
Elbert County, Colorado !B2147483647 23,086 !B2147483647 19,872 !D0002147483647 +16.17%
Park County, Colorado !B2147483647 16,206 !B2147483647 14,523 !D0002147483647 +11.59%
Clear Creek County, Colorado !B2147483647 9,088 !B2147483647 9,322 !H2147483647 −2.51%
Gilpin County, Colorado !B2147483647 5,441 !B2147483647 4,757 !D0002147483647 +14.38%
Fort Collins-Loveland, CO MSA 299,630 Larimer County, Colorado !B2147483647 299,630 !B2147483647 251,494 !D0002147483647 +19.14%
Boulder, CO MSA 294,567 Boulder County, Colorado !B2147483647 294,567 !B2147483647 291,288 !D0002147483647 +1.13%
Greeley, CO MSA 252,825 Weld County, Colorado !B2147483647 252,825 !B2147483647 180,936 !D0002147483647 +39.73%
Total !B2147483647 3,390,504 !B2147483647 2,881,474 !D0002147483647 +17.67%

Constituent jurisdictions

The North Central Colorado Urban Area comprises:

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