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Pakistanis in Qatar

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Title: Pakistanis in Qatar  
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Subject: Filipinos in Qatar, Pakistan–Qatar relations, Ethnic groups in Qatar, Demographics of Qatar, Turks in Qatar
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Pakistanis in Qatar

Pakistanis in Qatar
Total population
90 000[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
Doha  · Mesaieed  · Wakra  · Al Khor
Urdu  · Arabic  · Balochi  · Western Panjabi  · Pashto  · Persian  · Saraiki
Related ethnic groups
Balochis  · Afghans  · Punjabis  · Pashtuns  · Persians  · Arab Pakistanis  · Sindhis  · British Pakistanis

Pakistanis in Qatar are citizens of Pakistan and holders of Pakistani passports.

The presence of Pakistanis in Qatar can be traced back to the 1940s when early community members arrived and settled. Early Pakistanis were initially professionals mainly in the services sector. The large Pakistani business community plays a role in the development of the host country (refer to Together For Excellence by Ashraf Siddiqui). Pakistani professionals serve in the fields of petroleum, construction, banking, finance, education, engineering, medicine, social work and beyond.


There are three Pakistani schools in Qatar a kindergarten, and an academy. These are as follows:-

Pakistan Education Centre (PEC)

One of the early expatriate schools, it was formed in 1967 then affiliated with Lahore Board of Higher Secondary School Examinations. Led by Dr. Abdul Qawi, active & leading Pakistani community members first started this school in Maguvilina District of Doha. On a decision by the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1978, some of the schools run by Pakistani community members were taken over by the Pakistan Embassy. Since then. Pakistan Education Center (Pakistani School) is run by Pakistan ambassador with the help of a Board of Governors. The current school premises were given to the Pakistani community by the Government of Qatar. These are the first ever premises given to any expatriate community and were inaugurated in 1985 by the then president of Pakistan, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Pakistani School name was renamed as PEC in 1985. The school is affiliated to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad, Pakistan. All Pakistani schools formed in Doha, Qatar were established by experienced Pakistani nationals who have worked in Pakistan.

PEC, offers education from kindergarten right up to senior high school and Intermediate levels. It has also separate wing for Cambridge Education System started in September 2013. Among dignitaries who have visited PEC include General Mohammad Zia Ul Haq, then President of Pakistan in 1985. HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa AlThani in 1992, then Crown Prince of State of Qatar. Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in 1992 & Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani in February 2012.

Pak Shama School (PSS)

The school was founded in 1964 by Edward Sardar & his wife (both from Sialkot) under affiliation with Lahore Board of Higher Secondary Education. (Please see book Together For Excellence by Ashraf Siddiqui). It is the first expatriate school in Qatar & presently affiliated to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad Pakistan. In addition to Higher Secondary Education system, school has Cambridge Education System facilities for interested students.

Bright Future Pakistani International School (BFPIS)

Formerly known as Bright Future Pakistani School (BFPS), the school was inaugurated in 1996. It is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Islamabad, and also have facilities for Cambridge Education System.

The Next Generation (TNG)

The Next Generation Kindergarten and Primary School has been formed with a Noble cause to bridge the gap of requisite quality education in Qatar. The foundation of TNG has been carefully set up by the highly skilled and experienced educationalist and technocrats of diverse disciplines and regions to converge a common cause. The vision and mission of the TNG is aligned in accordance with the strategy of Qatar’s Supreme Education Council (SEC) and Ministry of Education. The Educational infrastructure of TNG is set up to fulfill the literacy demand of emerging Qatar, which includes Academics, Islamic Education, Quran, Soft skills and Technology. The Islamic curriculum has been carefully chosen from popular school system of South Africa. The most modern facilities, such as Interactive boards, automated time attendance, ergonometric furniture, Students & Parents web portal, PC access for everyone makes TNG unique educational institution at Qatar. TNG Kindergarten and Primary School is integrated and elementary part of The Next Generation Pakistani School.

Excellence Training Centre (ETC)

Excellence Education Centre is an institute providing tuition and training to the communities all around Doha. They specialise in commerce-related subjects and other major academic areas. Established in 2011, ETC is ACCA-licensed and employs teachers from all over the world. Training is offered for ACCA qualifications, FIA (Foundation In Accountancy), I-Com, B-Com, SAT, IELTS (Language proficiency test), Foundation in English and other courses.[3]


Qatar Cricket Association

In 1980, 12 Cricket teams gathered and formed the Qatar Cricket Association. M. A. Shahid (Then working with Fardan Exchange) was chosen as its first & founder President and Saifuddin Khalid as General Secretary. In 1996, the Youth & Sports General Authority of Qatar via Resolution No.13/1996 announced His Highness Shaikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani - Prime Minister of Qatar as the Chairman Executive Board and Fahad Hussain Al Fardan as Vice Chairman. In June 1999, the QCA was accepted as an affiliate member with ICC and an associate member with the Asian Cricket Council. Tamoor Sajjad of QCA made its record in ACC tournaments with the highest runs in Under-14 at Malaysia and then in Thailand for Under 17 ACC Tournaments.[4]

Mesaieed Hockey Club

The Club was established in Oct 2011, composed of Pakistani players from various companies. Currently Lead by Mr Muhammad Saifullah Khan as Captain.

Notable people

. Abdul Wahid (1950), Survey, Engineering Services Department

. Mohammad Baksh (1950), Health Department initiated sports of Hockey in Qatar. He also helped in developing sports of Cricket during his period.

. Mohammad Rafiq fame Post Master. He was brought from British Postal System Bahrain to establish Qatar Postal System in 1953.

. Ghazanfar Ali Jafri (1958–1989), Government House (Ministry of Finance) Qatar

. Edward Sardar, Founder Pak Shama School in 1964

. Dr. Shahla Qawi (Rumailah Hospital 1964-1996), First lady Pakistani doctor

. Dr. Abdul Kawi, Founder Pakistani School (PEC) in 1967

. Masroor Elahi (1971–78), Director Engineering, Ministry of Information, Qatar

. Niaz A. Siddiqui, Executed AlJazeera Television Engineering Set up, Arabic (1976), AlJazeera Sports (2002), AlJazeera Documentary (2003), AlJazeera Children (2004), AlJazeera Int'l (2006), AlRayan.

. Abdul Qayyum established first Jewelery shop in Qatar in 1954

. Mian Mohammad Siddique, a leading Pakistani businessman of his time during 1953-1986. He established first electronic major business house 'National', brought automobile agencies including Mazda, Hyundai. He established Shezan Hotel.

. Malik Museeb U Rahman (1965–2006), Founder Chairman Majlis Faroghe Urdu Adab. He was a leading figure in developing of Hockey in Qatar during his time.

. Mohammad Atiq for his services in developing Urdu Language & literature & as President Qatar Badminton Club.

. Badar Suhail (2000), initiated & established Pakistan Engineering Forum & AlKhor Sohni Dharti.

. Senator Saif U Rahman Khan, Qatar based Pakistani businessman elected as Senator of Pakistan (1996–1999).

. Munir Khan Orakzai, Qatar based Pakistani businessman elected consequently twice Member National Assembly of Pakistan (2002 - 7 & 2008 - 13).

. Usman Khan Tarakai, an engineer with Qatar Television elected as Member National Assembly (2008- 2013 & 2013-18).

Ashraf Siddiqui, writer of first ever book preserving role of overseas workers. Wrote widely acknowledged book on Pakistani expatriates Together for Excellence (2009)

Mohammed Idress Anwar - Founder of Pakistan Welfare Forum PWF

Riyaz Ahmed Bakali - Preseident Pakistan Welfare Froum PWF


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First ever book preserving Role of Pakistanis in Qatar Together For Excellence by Ashraf Siddiqui

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