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Regions of the Czech Republic

Regions of the Czech Republic
Kraje České republiky (Czech)
Category Unitary state
Location Czech Republic
Number 14 Regions
Populations 310,245 (Karlovy Vary) – 1,274,633 (Central Bohemia)
Areas 500 km2 (192 sq mi) (Prague) - 11,015.0 km2 (4,252.90 sq mi) (Central Bohemia)
Government Region government, National government
Subdivisions District
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According to Czech Law no. 129/2000 (Law on Regions), which replaced paragraph of the Czech Constitution on higher-level territorial administrative units (vyšší územně-správní celky), the Czech Republic consists of thirteen regions (kraje) and one capital city (hlavní město) with regional status since 1 January 2000. The older seventy-three districts (okresy, singular okres) are still recognized and remain the seats of various branches of state administration,[1] such as the judicial system.

Region Czech Name
Capital Population
(2011 census) [2]
Population density
(in million CZK)
GDP per capita
A  Prague Hlavní město Prague 1,272,690 496.10 2,360 637,704 547,096
S  Central Bohemia Středočeský Prague 1,274,633 11,014.97 104 288,888 253,912
C  South Bohemia Jihočeský České Budějovice 637,460 10,056.79 62 150,970 251,106
P  Plzeň Plzeňský Plzeň 574,694 7,560.93 73 137,911 216,639
K  Karlovy Vary Karlovarský Karlovy Vary 310,245 3,314.46 92 65,789 216,639
U  Ústí nad Labem Ústecký Ústí nad Labem 830,371 5,334.52 154 188,041 229,146
L  Liberec Liberecký Liberec 439,262 3,162.93 135 94,451 229,146
H  Hradec Králové Královéhradecký Hradec Králové 555,683 4,758.54 115 133,767 244,549
E  Pardubice Pardubický Pardubice 505,285 4,519 112 116,639 230,880
M  Olomouc Olomoucký Olomouc 639,946 5,266.57 123 134,376 211,467
T  Moravia-Silesia Moravskoslezský Ostrava 1,236,028 5,426.83 227 280,210 222,638
B  South Moravia Jihomoravský Brno 1,169,788 7,194.56 159 285,855 254,684
Z  Zlín Zlínský Zlín 590,459 3,963.55 149 131,789 222,885
J  Vysočina Kraj Vysočina Jihlava 512,727 6,795.56 75 121,318 234,530
CZ  Czech Republic Prague 10,562,214 78,864.92 130 2,767,717 271,161

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