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Slađa Delibašić

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Title: Slađa Delibašić  
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Slađa Delibašić


This article is about the entertainer. For other uses, see Sladja (disambiguation).

Birth name Slađana Delibašić
Also known as Slađa Đogani
Born (1968-07-11) July 11, 1968 (age 45)
Kosovska Mitrovica, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia
Origin Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres Folk, pop, disco, dance
Occupations Singer, record producer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1991–present
City Records. (Serbia) (2001–Present)
Associated acts Đogani
Đole Đogani

Slađana "Slađa" Delibašić (Serbian Cyrillic: Слађана "Слађа" Делибашић; born November 7, 1968) is a Serbian pop singer and dancer. She is the former wife of Đole Ðogani (married 1986, divorced 2001) and also a former member of the Đogani duo. She gave birth to two of Đole's three children.

Music career

Career beginnings (1992-2000)

From 1992 until 2001, she was the female of the dance duo Đogani. They were considered as one of the most famous dance entertainers in the Serbian musical industry. In the year 2001 Delibašić divorced her husband of 15 years, leaving the duo and embarking on a solo career. A few months later, Delibašić place was eventually filled in by Vesna Trivić who eventually became Đole's second wife.

Solo career (2001-2003)

In 2001, she released her first solo album, called "Šesto čulo" (Sixth sense), and it was a successful comeback. Songs "Neću da slušam laži", "Žene", "Daj" i "Moćnica" became instant hits. In 2002, she released her second album "Kraljica ritma/Slađa zauvek" (Queen of the rhythm/Slađa forever). It was a more successful album then the former. Songs included in the album include "Svake noći", "Izađi", "Pusti me", "Na određeno" shortly after became hits. "Kraljica ritma" song was one of the most successful singles of all time in the Serbian dance music industry.

Album fiasco (2004-2005)

In 2004, she released a new album called "Nekad i sad" (Then and Now). It later approved as a fiasco in all ways, making only one song possible hit. "Dupla doza" was a Latino rhythm song. The fiasco is mainly considered to be a collateral damage of her and Đole "media war", and bad promotion of the album.

Club hits (2006-2008)

In late 2006, it was confirmed that Slađa was in studio, and recordings for the new album are being taken. Later, it was announced that album will be named "Baš to..." (Exactly that...). On 14.02.2007, promotion was done in one of the famous Belgrade clubs. Just a few days later, it was obvious that the "Baš to..." album will be one of the most successful albums that year. The first single was "Don perinjon (Poznata, viđena, slavna)" (Don Perignon - Famous, seen, popular). It was a megahit contributing a fairly anonymous DJ MIjat (Dj Miat). Second single was "Sedmi sprat" (Seventh floor). It instantly became the biggest clubbing megahit of all time. Lyrics "Sedmi sprat i mrak u stanu, znam da imaš to u planu, da mi pokažeš koliko si jak...baš se vidi da si lak" (Floor seven, it's dark in your apartment, I know what you have on your mind, you want to show me how strong you are so easy...) are accepted as a sort of a hymn to the clubbing, outgoing persons. Third single was "Slaki", an uptempo Latino-Greek style summer hit. It was the most famous for extensive use of autotune and vocoder effect. Fourth single was track number 6. - "Hipnoza" (Hypnose). It was, also like the previous singles, a hit in the clubs. Last single from that album was "Made in Srbija" (Made in Serbia). It is a Serbian version of the US hit "Wild 2Night" by Shaggy & Olivia. The album "Baš to..." was promoted in Europe, US and Australia club tours that lasted until late 2008. It is estimated that some 700,000 people participated the club shows.


In September 2009, in a night show on "BN" television in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she confirmed that recordings have been done for the upcoming new album (TBA). Two weeks later, song "Neka gore dlanovi" (Let the palms burn of desire) was leaked on the radio programme and internet portal "Folkoteka". Two days later, in another show on "PINK" television, she premiered her three new songs "Bilderu" (Bodybuilder), "Hit u gradu" (City club mega-hit), also including "Neka gore dlanovi". These songs instantly became hits, promising the very successful album.

On December 31, 2009, Slađa announced that her new album will be named "Pet" (Five), symbolically meaning fifth decade of her life, fifth solo album, and also best note in the school (In Serbian schools 5=A grade). She also confirmed that she is in a happy relationship with one man, later paparazzi found out that it is certain Igor. In January 2010, she was a guest in the new album of her former husband and his new wife, today's duo "Đogani". She participated in the song "Hajmo sad u provod...", (Let's party me and you..). This song was a shock for Balkan publicity, most probably for the new video, in which Slađa and Vesna (former enemies) are singing about their (former) housband Đole being a sex-maniac, and her being lied to, "Đole cheating Slađa with Vesna, and then Vesna with Slađa". The video is full of (by some) erotic dance.

On June 1, 2010, in an interview for "SVET" tabloid, Đole Đogani confirmed that on new tour for Đogani duo, Slađa is going to be a partner, so many of the shows will be combined with Slađa's promotion of her upcoming album "Pet".

In June 2010. Slađa recorded new song "Dizel Power" with Shwarz.

Personal life

She is the former wife of Đole Ðogani (married 1986, divorced 2001) and also a former member of the Đogani duo. She gave birth to two of Đole's three children.


Šesto čulo (2001)

  1. Žene
  2. Neću da slušam laži
  3. Daj
  4. Moćnica
  5. Mogu mi reći
  6. Šesto čulo
  7. DJ
  8. Opasan
  9. Neću uspeti
  10. Još te volim
  11. Ti si pravi

Slađa zauvek kraljica ritma (2002)

  1. Svake noći
  2. Pusti me
  3. Izađi
  4. Na određeno
  5. Zauvek
  6. Šarmantan
  7. Kraljica ritma
  8. Get on up
  9. Srculence
  10. Litica
  11. Šta je to
  12. Ne nije meni
  13. O, mama
  14. Svake noći (Remix)
  15. Ti si preko

Dupla doza (2004)

  1. Dupla doza
  2. U tvojoj sobi
  3. Pinokio
  4. Laži me
  5. Prorok
  6. Hajde reci medu
  7. Kazna
  8. Hajde dođi
  9. Nepodnošljiva
  10. Po nervima

Baš to (2007)

  1. Don Perignon
  2. Sedmi sprat
  3. Ne reci
  4. Veza bez obaveza
  5. Ljubim ti rame
  6. Hipnoza
  7. Made in Serbia
  8. Slaki
  9. Crne oči
  10. Kasno je

Pet (2010)

  1. Dlanovi
  2. Hit u gradu
  3. Prestani da me cimas
  4. Umrećes pod nekom suknjom
  5. Zajedno
  6. Džek sa ledom
  7. 'Ajmo sad u provod
  8. Bilderu
  9. Slikaj me
  10. 5 minuta

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