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Tsu Domain

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Title: Tsu Domain  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Tōdō Takatora, Battle of Toba–Fushimi, Ise Province, Izumi Province, Kansai region
Collection: Domains of Japan, Kansai Region, Meiji Restoration
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Tsu Domain

Tsu (津藩 Tsu-han) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, ruled by the tozama Tōdō clan. It was located in the former Ise Province, now known as Mie Prefecture. The Tsu domain's switch to the side of the Satsuma-Chōshū coalition in 1868 is said to be what tipped the balance in the latter's favor during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. Excluding the Tokugawa and Matsudaira domains, it was the ninth largest domain in Japan by kokudaka.


  • List of Daimyo 1
  • Genealogy (simplified) 2
  • References 3
  • Further reading 4

List of Daimyo

  1. Takatora
  2. Takatsugu
  3. Takahisa
  4. Takachika
  5. Takatoshi
  6. Takaharu
  7. Takaaki
  8. Takanaga
  9. Takasato
  10. Takasawa
  11. Takayuki
  12. Takakiyo

Genealogy (simplified)

  • Tōdō Torataka, an ashigaru.
    • I.Takatora, 1st Lord of Tsu (cr. 1608) (1556-1630; r. 1608-1630)
      • II. Takatsugu, 2nd Lord of Tsu (1602-1676; r. 1630-1669)
        • III. Takahisa, 3rd Lord of Tsu (1638-1703; r. 1669-1703).
        • Takamichi, 1st Lord of Hisai (cr. 1669) (1644-1697)
      • V. Takatoshi, 5th Lord of Tsu (1693-1728; r. 1708-1728)
      • IV. Takachika, 4th Lord of Tsu (1667-1708; r. 1703-1708)
      • Takakiyo (1585-1640)
      • Takahide
      • Takaaki (1645-1711)
                • Takatake
      • VII. Takaaki, 7th Lord of Tsu (1717-1785; r. 1735-1769)
                    • VIII. Takanaga, 8th Lord of Tsu (1751-1770; r. 1769-1770).
      • IX. Takasato, 9th Lord of Tsu (1746-1806; r. 1770-1806)
      • X. Takasawa, 10th Lord of Tsu (1781-1825; r. 1806-1824)
      • XI. Takayuki, 11th Lord of Tsu (1813-1895; r. 1825-1869)
      • Takakiyo, 20th family head, 1st Count (1837-1889; Governor of Tsu: 1869-1871, Count: 1884)
      • Takatsugu, 21st family head, 2nd Count (1884-1943; 21st family head and 2nd Count: 1889-1943)
      • Takatei, 22nd family head, 3rd Count (1917-1946; 22nd family head and 3rd Count: 1943-1946)
      • Takamasa, 23rd family head, 4th Count (b. 1944; 23rd family head and 4th Count: 1946-1947; 23rd family head: 1947-present)
      • Takahito (b. 1972)
      • VI. Takaharu, 6th Lord of Tsu (1710-1735; r. 1728-1735)



  1. ^ Genealogy
  • Genealogy of the lords of Tsu

Further reading

  • Fukuizumi Shigeyuki 福泉重之 (1979). Bakumatsu Tōdō-han no kashin nichiroku. Edited by Kuwa Yoshihiko 桑義彥. Tsu: Mie-ken kyōdo shiryō kankōkai 三重県鄉土資料刊行会.
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