Imago records

Imago Records (The Imago Recording Company) was an independent record label, which was active during the late 1980s – early 1990s. Several influential artists released albums through Imago, including Henry Rollins, Aimee Mann, Paula Cole and Love Spit Love.[1] Despite building a slate of up and coming alternative rock artists, the company ran into serious financial difficulties when, in December 1994, Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG), who was financially backing Imago, pulled funding.[2] This left many of their artists scrambling to find new labels.[3] Following BMG's dropping of Imago, the company attempted to sue Henry Rollins for breach of contract and DreamWorks for contract tampering when Rollins bolted the label after delivering two albums out of an eight album deal.[2] Rollins mentions this fleetingly in his 1996 book Eye Scream: "I lost the distributor for my label and now I'm going to drag all the bands that I signed into the egotistical hell that is my life as I vainly attempt to save face in the record industry. I have millions but you know what happens when a man gets his ego injured - war, rape, Rocky, little critic asswipes like the ones who write for pseudo-intellectual publications like the Village Voice and of course, books like this. Suck my mighty staff of life, you parasites!"


All of the following artists released albums on the Imago label:[1]


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