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Beyond Apologies : Defining and Achieving an Economics of Wellbeing

By: by Debra Ann Efroymson

Beyond Apologies presents a number of myths about mainstream economics and clarifies their focus on consumption rather than on wellbeing. Each myth is followed by a discussion of a different way of addressing the issue. The book then presents various practical ways of remedying the situation. Topics covered include GDP, economic growth, microcredit, aid, and the Bretton Woods Organizations (the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organisation). The b...

Society cannot get to a better place without looking at what is holding it back. Conventional beliefs about economics limit people to a few discourses and solutions that, rather than resolve problems, increase their magnitude. It is thus critically important to identify some widely accepted myths that underlie current economic discourse and to offer a more helpful and hopeful way of looking at the issues. Being free from dominant myths can lead to exciting new possibilities.

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