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Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press Terms and Conditions

For Copyrighted Content

Most titles in the Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing collection are under copyright protection. Each copyrighted item is clearly indicated as copyrighted in the eBook's header. Unless there is an included license with the copyrighted item (such as a Creative Commons license), you will need to contact the copyright holder for any needed permission. Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing cannot do this on your behalf, and does not have any ability to sublicense copyrighted works.

US Only

Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing is entirely based in the United States, and we follow the U.S. laws for copyright. Not all items that are public domain in the U.S. are public domain in other countries, and vice versa. If you are operating outside of the U.S., you should get professional guidance on how to proceed for things like redistributing Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing's content. For basic information about copyright elsewhere, try this link to the Online Books Page.

Commercial Use of Project Gutenberg Trademark

If you use the Project Gutenberg name, which is a Registered Trademark, you need to pay royalties for any Commercial Use (i.e., where you are trading on the Project Gutenberg Trademarked name). Terms are spelled out clearly in the license included with each eBook, or read it here: License How-To

If your commercial project has only a minor Use of the Project Gutenberg Trademark (for example, one PG eBook, and 9 from another source), then royalties are proportional. In this example of one in ten items from PG, you would pay only 1/10th of the calculated royalties due.

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